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best anime sitesJust like most of you (probably), I like to waste time. I do this by trying to bring the nerd in me to a higher level, discovering new things, and watching movies. Especially watching movies and series, actually.

One thing that I’ve learned over the years, is that anime is heavily underrated. A lot of people associate ‘BeyBlade’ and ‘Pokémon’, with anime – which it is, but anime includes so much more!

All kinds of stories exist in the anime world, both good and bad ones, serious and funny series, traditional and frotiering.

Today, we’ll take a look at a number of anime websites on the internet. These sites are, in our humble opinion the best anime sites on the internet for a particular site.

The Best Anime Info Site

How do you get to know new series? Through friends or family? Or perhaps via magazines. But there are also some great places on the internet to find information on anime. On these particular sites, you’ll be able to find plots, reviews, captures, and more on nearly all anime in existance.

So who do we think is the best anime information source, and why?

Anime News Network

Anime News Network

The Anime News Network is one of the most complete sources of anime information.

Besides extended reviews and news articles, the site hosts in-depth information profiles exist for almost any anime you can possibly think of in their Encyclopedia and many anime trailers in their videos section.

You’ll also be able to find various lists here, like the most underrated or most viewed anime series.

Runner ups

These are also great sites, nominees for ‘The Best Anime Info Site’, but they did not win.


Also a nice place to get to know new anime. The site uses a ‘recommendation system’ to rate the anime series and also features a lot of reviews.


A big internet anime database, with all kinds of information on the anime series, characters, and such. You’ll also be able to find release dates, reviews and various lists.

The Best Place to Watch Anime Online

Once we know the good anime from the bad, we will – of course – go watch some of them. There are basically two ‘ways’ to do this.

The first one is to watch the anime online, in a web-player (youtube style). This allows you to watch anime the second you feel like it and is also better for your bandwidth. On the other side, watching anime online often results in poor quality, and all the bandwidth you put into it won’t allow you to watch it again another time.



Anime That! is one of those websites. The website hosts tons of different anime series, and countless episodes and movies. If the anime you’re looking for can be viewed online, the chances are pretty good that you’ll find it here.

Though they’re hosted on some of the popular online video sites, the videos are streamed from within the site itself, in their own player. Loading times are decent and registration is not required.

New anime is added constantly, and there’s a forum for the socialisers among us. An anime top 100 is also available, so you can get ‘inspiration’ without leaving the site.

Runner Ups

These are also great sites, nominees for ‘The Best Place to Watch Anime Online’, but they did not win. Most of the runner ups are nearly as, or equally good as ZOMGAnime, because there isn’t much difference between these sites.

Anime Crunch

Anume Crunch is my second favourite one. Hosts tons of videos as well and doesn’t require registration. Streaming is pretty similar to ZOMGAnime.

Anime Fuel

Also a great site, and perfectly worthy as a runner-up. If there’s a video that you can’t find on the above sites, you can always take a look here.

The Best Anime Download Sites

Like said above, there are basically two ‘ways’ to get your hands on those anime series (DVD import and friends excluded). The first one was to to watch it online, like discussed above.

The second way is – obviously – to download the anime directly to your computer. This will most often result in great video and audio quality and allows you to watch it again, or after some time – hereby not wasting your bandwidth.

On the downside, the downloads can take a while (especially on computers with a slower internet connection), so you can’t click-‘n-watch. Also, downloading the anime series to your computer will probably ask more of your bandwidth.

We will make another distinction in this category, between direct-download (also known as: DDL/HTTP) and torrents.

Zone Anime (DDL)

zone anime ddl

Zone-Anime is one of the biggest direct-download databases available. All download links are provided by the staff and website users, and the site requires no sign-up.

On one side, this explains the number of series available (over 600), but also because of this none of the files are available on the private server. About all downloads go through file hosting sites, like RapidShare or MegaUpload, which means that you’ll probably encounter waiting times. If you want DDL from a private server, check realityLAPSE in the runner ups.

You can browse through the anime by name, but also by genre, or by using search queries.

Next to anime series, you can also go to Zone-Anime for your daily dose of anime music and manga.

zone anime - best anime downloads site

Runner Ups (DDL)

These are also great sites, nominees for ‘The Best Anime Download Spot(s) – DDL’, but they did not win.


My second favourite site to download anime. All the files are listed on a private server, though they have a much more limited collection and require registration. Several other limitations apply to free users, like slower downloads, and only one at a time.

Anime A

A wonderful site. It’s also pretty similar to Zone-Anime, as it doesn’t host anything private either, but has a somewhat more limited collection.

AnimeSuki (Torrent)

anime a

AnimeSuki shows a very complete listing of anime releases, gathered from tons of different trackers. If you can’t find it here, the chances are small that you’ll find it anywhere else.

You can either search the site for anime torrents, or browse through AnimeSuki’s releases or series.

Keep seeding the torrent after your download is completed to let other people enjoy as well.

animesuki - anime torrent site

Runner Ups (Torrent)

These are also great sites, nominees for ‘The Best Anime Download Spot(s) – Torrent’, but they did not win.


Another public anime tracker. Also hosts a great deal of torrents, but requires registration for advanced browsing.


You can expect to find about all anime releases here, but the site lacks advanced browsing. In short, a great site to discover and download new anime, but not so great if you’re looking for something very specific.

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