The Best 6 Sites to Get Free Ebooks

You might be surprised by how many good free ebook sites there are out there. Nowadays, you can find pretty much any popular (and not) book online. You just need to know where to look. Here are my favorite sites where you can find ebooks free for the taking.

1. Free Ebook Search Engines

These are simple Google-like search engines but for PDF files. I usually start my free ebook search using one of these sites. Type in the title of the document or book name you’re looking for and click on the search button. Find your book in the search results and click on download link. Done.

pdf search site   The Best 6 Sites to Get Free Ebooks

So far my top 3 free ebook search sites are:



MakeUseOf review




In case you have never heard of this one before, the simplest way to define Scribd would be to call it Youtube for documents. People can upload whatever text documents they want and easily share them with others.

scribd ebook site   The Best 6 Sites to Get Free Ebooks

You’ll find lots and lots of free ebooks here. You only need to know what to look for. For instance try searching for George Orwell, Leo Tolstoi, etc.

And obviously it gets copyrighted ebooks much like YouTube gets copyrighted videos. I am not sure if they are doing anything to deal with them, but the fact is there are plenty of them on Scribd – copyrighted ebooks free to take.

Oh and as we have mentioned before, Scribd is also an excellent resource for free document templates.

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg (aka PG) has the largest collection of public domain books. These are the books that out of copyright and available for anyone to use for any purpose. Lots of books from the world’s greatest fiction authors such as Dickens, Joyce, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Anton Chekov and Edgar Allan Poe fall into this category.

This site is the oldest producer of free ebooks on the Internet. PG is an extremely popular site and now has over 20,000 works. If you’re not sure where to start check out their Top 100 page.

project guteberg   The Best 6 Sites to Get Free Ebooks

4. Free Ebooks For Your iPod, PDA, Smartphone, Blackberry etc.

For those of you who like to have ebooks on their portabe device we got some sites as well. Below are what I believe the best websites for books that can be read on mobile devices.


MakeUseOf Review



MakeUseOf Review



MakeUseOf Review


For iPhone users in particular there is a website called [NO LONGER WORKS] TextOnPhne. It’s a great ebook site that comes with its own ebook reader app. There are over 30,000 free books for your Apple device. Check out the demo video here.

5. Free Tech Ebooks

These sites are mainly for tech books, covering everything from computer science, engineering and mathematics to programming and web development. All ebooks free and available to download


(Bonus) DailyLit

DailyLit is a bit different from the rest but I really like what they’re doing there. DailyLit can deliver a small excerpt from the book of your choice to your email on a daily basis. One excerpt per day, and so untill the book is finished.

The reason it wroks so well is that it only takes around 3-5 minutes to read each excerpt. If you feel like reading more you can request a next excerpt with a click of a button.

dailylit books email   The Best 6 Sites to Get Free Ebooks

While more than a half of all books cost about $4.95 per book others are free. There are plenty of good titles among the free ones as well, some of my favorites include My Life and Work (by Henry Ford), Siddhartha (by Herman Hesse) and Random Reminiscences of Men and Events (by John D. Rockefeller). Check it out.

Are you aware of any other cool websites for free ebooks? Share them in comments.

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Matt McNally

What about


Yup, Read Print is a far better resource than all the ones listed here.


How none of these sites have the newer authors like Patterson and Grisham, etc?

Eric Shandil

Thanks for the collections


Jan Newmarch

Form Charles Wright who writes computer articles for The Age newspaper in Melbourne, Australia, some commercial sellers of ebooks:

nutty prof

I’d like to point out one more

Katrineholm Uncensored

Free great physics textbook:

Motion Mountain

Edward de Leau

Thank you for the great list, another addition to where to get these free e-books:


This is a great list, there is a site, which can be added to this wonderful list

Osman Pirci

Thoses are from Istanbul :) to add the list.



Thanks a lot for this info.
This site has a big collection of free ebooks. Can download it by becoming a member. The membership is also free.


I’m not finding any free ebooks here, and the paid books are just a link to Amazon to buy them.


Ebooks for portable device, the BEST website is easily: Its exclusively for mobile device.

Roger Mathura

Great article, and great links. Will check out your other lists.


My comment is: Thank you a ton. Great compilation of resources.

bob GREAT site.

Maggie Hilliard

Thanks for including DailyLit in your list!

I wanted to point out that more than half of our books are free. Currently we have 700+ free books with more added regularly.

We also offer forums and other features for our readers so that they can talk about books and reading. That element of community is missing from many ebook sites, but we think reading is more fun when you have the ability to share the experience with others.

Thanks again for collecting these resources–it’s much appreciated by ebook fans.



DailyLit is a great site and I am delighted to be a member.

khendar Contains the same set of books as the Project Gutenburg site but in a much friendlier format.

Benjamin VanEvery

Thanks for the great list. Another good website to check out for recreational reading is You can read thousands of books for free and it saves your progress, so that you can pick up right where you left off!

Roy Hayes

According to McAfee, is a phishing expedition. I tried bringing up the website, and a McAfee warning over-rode it.


What about baen publishing? …they have tons of free inprint books in their free library.



Librivox is a great resource for the audio version of books no longer under copyright… pop some literature into the digital audio device of choice and enjoy.

I would recommend this link —–>


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Free ebooks and information, check out many can be re-sold or given away.THX

Josh has heaps of free ebooks that you can download
without having to sign up or do anythig. Plenty of the latest title too.

Go To – Free Ebook Downloads

Nice list by the way


wher can i find this ebook for free…

“Multiplayer Gaming and Engine Coding for the Torque Game Engine”

please reply meeeee…….to my mail id

Saroj Dhongadi

Hi Everyone!
Tons of similar informaion in form of ebooks, software, scripts, templates and many more are also available free on our website

Saroj Dhongadi

C Expert

WebLiterature – – should fit the bill since Project Gutenberg-type classic literature books are also under consideration. WebLiterature brings forward a huge library, all classics, to read for free of cost.


Offers an ebook directory!


Here is my site, a daily growing list of categorized ebooks, lecture notes, and documents:

Azhagiya Tamilmagan

I have some eBooks collection on Metaphysics:

I have been using and I think it’s good one. Thanks for listing those sites. I’m checking on them. :)

yuval cohen
the ebook library, over 10,000 e-books are waiting for your reading.


WOW all of these sites recommended are incredible! thanks to all that contributed, it makes me want to read and expand my mind to gain infinite knowledge!


An ebook search site that searches over 150 quality free or open source ebook sites many of them listed in the comments above with advanced options like torrent links, direct doenload, rapidshare links, online reading, format selection available.

A. Sander

Another interesting site especially for those still in college:
On the site short & concise versions of theories in the areas of business, marketing, strategy, engineering and IT are provided free for download. No need to provide any personal details.


you have a typo in your link I guess :)

A. Sander

You’re right. It is supposed to be Thanks for making me aware :)


You missed this one


Great list of ebook sites. With the failing economy it is becoming hard to find the extra money to get books and now here are sites where people can read for free. This is wonderful.


Ebook lovers please come to my site, and get free ebooks there.


Found this site to be disappointing.
In fairness, it seems to be a work in progress, with a long, long way to go.
No threat to the superb DailyLit at the moment, but I wish you luck in what you are trying to do.
Although the ebook sites are mostly free, standards are quite high and it will take a very good site to compete.


Please advise me where i can find the ebook ISBN 0131471228 titled “Probability Statistics and Random Processes for Electrical Engineers”. Even 2nd Edition is fine. Please guide.

Jessi is a really great websit also.


we have got the best site providing free ebooks……


2 Autobiographies leaves you trailing a long way behind the best.
If I miscalculated please let me know, but that was all that I saw in the autobiographies section.
That would be disappointing.


Great list, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! I appreciate it. :)


Why would say “I think people already know.” I didn’t know..I find this website very helpful.

No#1 Ebooks Portal

Hello friends..!!

I m going to Introducing Best Ebooks Portal i had Visited

since 2 years. 5600+ Ebooks at One Place.

one main thing is Design and Categorization of Ebooks is


Free download ebook


Stop being such a wierdo!


here in this site u can get lot of free ebooks direct download links




east or west
is the BEST

Archangel Michael

eBooks on Quotes for Life, Love, Motivation and Inspiration):

Enjoy. :)

nikhilk369 | collections of ebooks | magazines


Osman piri, the you suggested is not a free ebook site.

Osman Pirci

freebookuser, why do you think that is not a free book site? Can’t you download ebooks there? I just did ita minute ago!


The ebooks at appear to all be computer books with links to pay at Amazon. I found no free ebooks there.

osman pirci

Nancy, you are right that there are links to Amazon. However there are links to downloads also, search for “direct download” in the browser you’ll see what I mention. After you click it you will go to another page and there is another link “download ebook”, there you’ll get the file.

You may think why they are not so visible and it needs to go around to find the link instead of being simple? I think it is understandable that these sort of sites needs ads to be supported economicaly.


thanks dude for giving great sites

Jim Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

I have an iRex Iliad that I’ve had less than a year. At first it worked very well. But, after about 5 months, it has started exhibiting multiple problems. The page advance will often jump ten to twenty pages at a time and it sometimes will not connect via the USB port to my computer. In addition, the battery life has fallen from fifteen hours to about five or six hours.

iRex wants me to return the unit with my personal SD card installed and all accessories. But they will not state that it will be replaced or repaired under warranty nor will they assure me that it will be returned with my SD card and accessories still with it.

They have ignored my repeated requests for some assurance for several weeks now.

I will never, under any circumstances purchase another iRex product and will discourage as many others as possible to shop elsewhere. They need to learn about customer service or go out of business, preferably, the latter.


go here.


Here is another site with free ebooks by nondual spiritual teacher, Nirmala, and his wife, Gina Lake to help you awaken, open your heart, and live more fully in the now:

free spiritual ebooks

The site also offers an ebook of free spiritual poetry:

free spiritual poetry


I would like to recommend another site:

This is dedicated to free self help books handpicked by me.



I’m not finding any free ebooks here.

Drago Zuparic

how about


There’s bookcrossing too. For real books, not ebooks.
It’s fantastic! Check it out!

There’s tindo too.> free information technology books


Link doesn’t work.

Jill Forrest

Feedbooks is a great place – this free ebook is worth downloading if you don’t mind a bit of graphic language and are after some social observational humour – Cotton Wool World by Anna Westwood –


I would like to recommend my site for inclusion in your website.

This site focusses exclusively on a handpicked selection of the finest self help books both from the public domain and through explicit permission from the authors/publishers.

Each book I send out to my subscribers is personally read by me.



Again, I found no free ebooks here.

is also a good site for free ebooks


This site says they have over 5 million books, but there is no way to browse; just a search window where you enter a title you’re looking for.

The Nigerian Hacker

Hey guys l think this info are cool ,any body know where l can get free e books with reprint right. please mail me at

Sol Danmeri

I found your site really useful. Scribd was really resourcefull. Thanks you.

John Kremer

I’ve created two websites where book authors can share their books freely as PDF books. Most of the featured books are new titles rather than old classics. features novels, poetry, short stories, and children’s books. features nonfiction business, self-help, spiritual, and reference books.

Lots of great books on both of these sites. All free to read.


Free magazines for download:

Free ebooks for download:

Jordan Christensen

You should add Shortcovers ( under your mobile device section. We have a great iPhone, Blackberry and Palm application!


where can i get the book “Electromagnetic field Theory and Transmission lines,by G.S.N Raju, Pearson
Education (Singapore) Pvt Ltd., New Delhi, 2005.”.
please post the site address to


Search and download all ebooks for free
from best ebook search engine Best ebook search engine


A virus was detected, nitin, while I tried to contact your recommended site.
Connection was aborted and I didn’t get through.
Anyone else have any difficulties?


Which of the sites was it, could you send the URL. I will get it scanned.



Please see separate entry for details.
Sorry, I should have included details with your request.


Many thanks.
The site mentioned in the notifying mail was;
Hope this helps.


Hi Jimmy, I checked the article page and even the site and can’t find where we recommended that link. Could you send me a link to our article where it was mentioned.


Hi Aibek,
Many thanks for the trouble you have taken.
The link was in the letter that I received from comments@make us of, which advised me of nitin’s contribution.
I tried a few minutes ago to send the original mail to you, but it was returned undelivered.
Unfortunately, I know of no other way to send it to you as I am not that experienced on computers.
You are welcome to write directly to me if that is any help.
I am not used to picking up junks on these links and, hopefully Aibek, this was just a one off.
Can I just say, finally, that Make Use Of is one of the most brilliant sites on the net.
Congratulations to all!


Hey Jimmy

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about sites that were recommended in comments. While most of the commentary suggestion are usually good sometimes they can be pointing to malicious sites. We only stand by the websites mentioned in the article itself.


Thanks Aibek.
Every good wish,

Dev Kumar

i need the following ebook
“800 Solved Problems in Vector Mechanics for Engineers Vol1 Statics”
Author-Joseph F.Shelley
Tata Mcgraw Hill Publication
plz tell me where i can get it,or if u find it somewhere

good information..


lol, even forget, i suppose it has the best user experience among these sites. is the second, because it provide online reading…


Could anyone advise me where can I download the book

The Buffettology Workbook

ISBN-10: 0684871718
ISBN-13: 978-0684871714

Thanks in advance


Free Book Spot


Free download ebook 15000+++ ebook update veryday


Thanks for the list..Specially Project Gutenberg and scribd is great.

Free ebook

Thanks for great list of free ebook providers.


Check out the free ebooks, tutorials and lectures at Book Gold Mine


jun son

my favorite would be, it’s not the largest collection but there are reviews you can read before viewing or downloading any book


That’s just great.
So much information … from there you can see how important it is to explore and satidfy our thirst for knowledge.

I find it amazing, that we all share the same interest and understand very well, how to make our life that little bit easier.
Actually I think that the global information should be freely exchangeable.
Imagine, since the internet has spread so much, and the availibility of information in general is available with some mouse clicks.

By the way, you find also a lot of interesting PDF files with the help of torrents.

Have a nice day !

Buddy Scalera

It would be great to see an updated version of this article. Some of the links that people mention in the comments are interesting, but not all of the links seem to work. Maybe the sites have gone out of business or something.

Now that I have a Kindle, I am looking to populate it with good stuff. It sold big this holiday season, so people will want to know where to get more stuff.



Guys…. Thank you all… Here is another ( for english learners):


I am the founder of At Neotake we have developed a new ebook search engine.

I have just visited your blog and I think that maybe you would like to take a look over


Thanks for all the recommendations. :]


this is really great stuff. I love free computer books.thanks for sharing.


you can try this free books download site-


Well done.
Booksbuddy is an excellent site, if a bit short on titles.
Hopefully that will improve.
Delighted to add it to my list of favourites.
Many thanks.

mike smith

I should point out, thats the best place to get free ebooks today.

mike smith seems to carry lots of free books, ebooks and audio books. thats where I get mine from. No ads, and no cost.


hello good day to you guys… since you know about ebooks for free sites… can you help me download this ebook

author: ida jean orlando
title: The dynamic nurse-patient relationship: Function, process, and principles

Eky Dakka

This is the best site to get daily the lastest internet marketing and how to make money online.


Here you can find Free PLR ebooks that will help you make money legally


also another good site would be i find it very useful


which site u suggest for technical books??? apart from computerbooks.