The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be Reading

camero 79 z28   The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be ReadingSure you were on the high school football team and had a wicked Camaro. You may have even done bungee jumping and joined the century club in college. Yet there’s more to being a man than testosterone, gasoline and whiskey.

Here’s the seven manliest websites to aid you in perfecting your manliness, my good man. Enter, MakeUseOf edition of websites for men.


logo webmd   The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be Reading Curious about something….private? Not sure if the gear should be doing that? The highly respected WebMD site has an entire sub-domain dedicated to man issues.

There’s nothing more manly than taking care of what makes you a man to begin with. It’s okay to talk about it – just not at dinner or with your mom.


rouxbe   The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be ReadingThey say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (wrong! It’s straight through the ribcage with a poleaxe). Quality cooking is however, the manliest way to a woman’s heart. Show her how you move in the kitchen and she’ll want to know how you move in other rooms. This goes for married men too!

With Rouxbe’s (pronounced roo-bee) easy to follow, step-by-step gourmet cooking videos, you’ll be able to talk to her like you’re Gordon F’n Ramsay all night long, yes?

5. Akamai University – Mens’ Studies

akamai   The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be ReadingIf you’re the academic type and really want to get a good understanding of the creature known as man, you can actually get a degree in it at Akamai University.

I’m not sure what sort of career that would land you, or how manly this really is, but at least you’ll be prepared to go toe-to-toe with a feminist at your debate club.


chickipedia   The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be ReadingWhat’s the point of being a man, even a gentleman, if you can’t appreciate the alluring aesthetic appeal of the fairer sex?

Chickipedia makes finding ‘artistic’ images of the feminine form very simple, with arguably the largest collection in the world, this side of Hugh Hefner’s library. I especially like how I can search based on the three prime measurements.


stamfordbridge   The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be ReadingFeeling like one man can’t make a difference? Is the metrosexual world we’re living in getting you down? Then it’s worth the trip to BadAssofTheWeek to read up on men like The Viking at Stamford Bridge, and a few women such as Harriet Tubman, who took charge, for better or worse, and made a mark on this world.

Makes me want to put on my cowboy boots and set a few mustachioed-villains straight. Take that Snidely Whiplash!


greatdadlogo   The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be ReadingIn all seriousness, the manliest pursuit a man can make is to become a father. Not just sire a kid or six, but to become the kind of father that your son wants to be, or your daughter wants to marry. It’s not the easiest thing to do and is just as challenging as being a great mom is for women.

There are roughly 2 quintillion websites for being a great mom and maybe 14 for being a great dad. Here’s one that I would recommend. GreatDad has honest and compassionate articles on being a great dad. It’s one website you should add to your daily reading if you are, or hope to become, a dad.


manliness   The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be ReadingIf there was only one manly website in the world, this would be it. The articles here are very useful and usually served with a touch of humour like you’d expect from an old timer telling you how it was in his day.  From topics such as “How to Sharpen a Pocketknife” to “Bartitsu: The Martial art of Gentlemen”, is putting the man back into gentleman.

Bonus Manly Site

freemason   The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be ReadingWhat if there were a club for men? An international fraternity of real men like John Wayne, Admiral Byrd and cool world leaders like Frederick the Great and George Washington? Oh yeah, there is!

Freemasonry is the oldest and largest men’s club in the world. With crazy get-ups like the buddy in the picture to cool handshakes and secret words, it’s the next best thing to having a tree-fort club again, only a bit more serious at times. Besides, the true best way to learn to be a man is from other men.

There are many official Freemason sites out there, but the grand-daddy is the United Grand Lodge of England.

Got something manly to add to this? Well step up and be heard, my good fellow. Care to dispute the manliness of something in here? Maybe we should take it outside then. Okay, I’ve been reading too much manly stuff today, time to calm down. Gilmour Girls anyone?

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Alex Jau

I’m so tired of things beeing seperated in man and woman areas. Women would very much be able to enjoy the sites above (and maybe some men won’t). And the societys way to asume that everyone is straight; a womens way to a mans heart. Sigh.

Guy McDowell

Alex Jau:
I’m not separating anything. Men and women can read this article and visit any of the sites. I only assume that about 10% of the population is not heterosexual, since those are the most recent substantiated statistics I’ve seen.

I wonder if you checked out Chickipedia. You might be surprised that the women featured come from all walks of life including business and politics – women such as Diane Sawyer and Carla Fiorina. I think somebody made an assumption!!!

Matt Algren:
Might I strongly suggest you re-read the article and the sites referenced?
The beauty of generalizations is that they don’t cover everybody. I dare you to write an article that is inclusive of all definitions of manliness. Yes, that’s a manly dare!

Everybody else – thanks for the compliments. Much appreciated!

Matt Algren

The title of the article is “The 7 Websites Every Man Should Be Reading”. I don’t think it’s terribly outrageous for readers to assume that they would apply to every man, not just men who fit your mold. If the title doesn’t accurately reflect the content of the article, perhaps you should have found a different title.

And I wouldn’t dream of suggesting to people that I could encompass all of the different kinds of men in one short article.


I love useful stuff, especially stuff that’s good for the parental type guys, which I am.

Thanks! I’m definintely going to note this.


I was delighted a few days ago when I discovered MakeUseOf and its tons of useful tips. Today I was about to send the link to a colleague and friend of mine and this article just rolled into my reader. I could really have done without Chickipedia and “finding ‘artistic’ images” — there’s no way I can forward a ling to MakeUseOf right now without losing credibility.

For the record: yes, both my colleague and I are engineers, geeks, and female.

Mark O’Neill

It’s a light-hearted fun article and I’m sure your colleague and friend will recognise that. Calm down!

Guy McDowell

If forwarding a link to a site that has one article you object to would destroy your credibility, you may want to strengthen your credibility. Or do you not forward links to ANY website?

David Miller

Thanks for this information I will be sure to check the websites.

Davniel Miller

I love the Camaro at the top of the page, and my dad was write this site was worth checking out.

Matt Algren

Might I gently suggest that by so rigidly defining ‘manliness’, you not only make the mistake that Alex mentioned, but you rather strongly imply that men who don’t conform are not actual men? That they are somehow less-than?

I know this is supposed to be a lighthearted post, but please think about the generalizations you make.


They aren’t implying that at all. Like you said, it’s a lighthearted post, you’re taking it way too seriously.

Mark O’Neill

Matt, we are not rigidly defining anything! We are just having a bit of fun!

Spot the party pooper in the room! :-)


You are having fun, but at whose expense?

Mark O’Neill

Er…nobody’s. Or perhaps you would care to enlighten us?


At the expense of men who do not fit your standard view of masculinity, of course. Why else would it be “funny”?

Matt Algren

I don’t even know what to say to that, Mark. I’m trying to think of an analogy that wouldn’t be too offensive to include and I’m coming up short.

It’s just disappointing to me that a blogger of your stature is comfortable with publishing and defending such antiquated, inegalitarian views.


Perhaps you should try, instead of trying to make more flippant, cavalier, and supercilious comments about a great little article, The eie stands for expert in everything.

Guy McDowell

I guess learning how to cook and being a good father and appreciating the outer and inner beauty of women is terribly sexist of me. How dare I assume that men want to be better contributors to their family and community? What was I thinking?


See my comment on the corresponding websites for women list regarding how the patriarchy harms men.

Hayden Tompkins

I love this list! (Be still my heart,!)

The only blog I would add is called “To Every Man A Manswer” at HILARIOUS.

Guy McDowell

That is an excellent blog! Thanks for sharing it, I really appreciate it.

Justin (Gym

Nice, Im a big fan of AOM.

I think you compiled a pretty solid list there…



Alex, like it or not, some people are born genetically male and others are born genetically female. XX != XY. If you have such a problem with that, tell your DNA about it. No one’s trying to discriminate against anyone else just because they recognize the obvious things that biologically distinguish a male from a female. I don’t think it’s fair to act as though the author of this article was being discriminatory — I mean he even offered to watch Gilmore Girls with you!


AoM is one of the best sites out there. I love the quality of their articles, their nostalgic tone, and practicality of their topics. A must read for all men, not just husbands and fathers.

Guy McDowell



these sites are really amazing man

u didnt mentioned one site tht everyone should read
and thts ur cool site….



Uncrate is a web magazine for guys who love stuff;


Love that you included the Masonic influence. The ultimate men’s club.

Guy McDowell

The idea for that just kind of hit me on the head. Thanks!



Guy McDowell

Yes, is a great site for certain! There are a LOT of great sites for men out there covering the whole spectrum of maleness. But, contrary to physics, time and space is limited.


Don’t forget the, people.


Good, but spoiled somewhat by all the advertising, as in article on The Top Ten Irish Contributions To The World.


Awesome websites. Ive bookmarked this page and signed up for your rss. Thanks!

Tyler – Building Camelot

Great post! I’ve heard of a couple of these but I’ll be checking out the others later today. Not sure my IT group would be fond of me check out BadAssOfTheWeek so I bookmarked this to check out later.

Guy McDowell

Tyler, awesome site you have there. I especially liked the write-up for Manvites.


Akamai University – Rated as a dangerous site by WOT.


Guys…it’s just for fun. Take a Valium.


Here’s another link all men should read (everyday, until they understand why posts like yours aren’t funny)


Here, here.

Guy McDowell

Men are more likely to go to jail
Men are more likely to be mutilated at birth
Men are more likely to pay more taxes
Men are more likely to be conscripted and go to war
Men are more likely to be killed in industrial accidents
Men are more likely to be asked to leave their families for work

Shall I go on, or will you just accept that everybody has their hardships and get on with just helping each out instead of pointing fingers?


What kind of feminism are *you* talking about? The kind of feminism *I’m* talking about recognizes that sexism hurts women *and* men. Examples:

Men are more likely to commit violent crime (and go to jail for them) because our culture to often associates masculinity with violence and brute force. Mainstream feminism says that we should be teaching our sons that being a man does not mean proving your masculinity with violence.

Men pay more taxes because in general, men earn more than women. Mainstream feminism says that this is wrong. Women should have the same opportunities for the same jobs and the same pay that men have – which would mean more pay, more income tax, and also more opportunities to save their money.

Men are more likely to be mutilated at birth because of the ridiculous idea that male circumcision is necessary. Mainstream feminism says that circumcision is no more necessary for boys than it is for girls, and should not be something that is routinely practiced as it is now.

Men are more likely to join the military and be conscripted because we are told that women can’t handle military service. In mainstream feminism you will hear the realities of war being discuss *before* the war, as well as support for putting female soldiers on the front lines and letting them share the dangerous jobs. There’s also the appalling trend of sexual assault in the military which no doubt is discouraging many women from joining, but that’s another matter.

Men are more likely to be killed in accidents and leave their families for work because in our culture, jobs that are dangerous or have longer hours are more likely to be occupied by men, whereas it has traditionally been the role of women to take a part-time job (if she takes a job at all) to take care of the kids. Mainstream feminism says that it should be just as acceptable for men and women to spend equal time at work and equally share childcare and household duties, and that women should not be barred or discouraged from taking dangerous jobs because of their gender.

I think you’re probably thinking of the radical second-wave feminism of the 1960s, which has largely fallen by the wayside and is not what I’m talking about at all. I suggest as a starting point.


Solution? Support feminism, which regularly speaks out against *all* of the things you have mentioned.

Guy McDowell

Feminism also speaks out against the family unit. I will never support something that puts one group of people above another, and that’s what feminism does. I will support egalitarian movements that recognizes, and respects, the boundaries of nature and individualism. Unfortunately, I have yet to see that movement.


Well, I’m one of that 10% who isn’t heterosexual, and I’d say that about 90% of this list is useless to me. But it would be the same with a list for women, so…I’m out of luck.

Thanks, though!


Relax, Viewtiful justin.
Nothing on this earth is going to appeal
to everyone.


Simply Great…..keep the goodwork up guys…..


Guy, I certainly hope you won’t let some of the ludicrous sniveling I have viewed here, stop you from posting more well written and informative articles. I find it more and more frustrating that the majority of the population must always accomodate the minority of the population, and finally, if someone doesn’t like your article, they are welcome to go elsewhere, or if they can stop complaining long enough, write one themselves for the group they consider themselves most like. Keep up the great work, thank you!

Guy McDowell

Thanks Bryan. I’ll continue to write articles about things that are important to me. Things like family, taking care of my home, learning to appreciate beauty and learning to stand up for what I believe in. If that makes me a bad person, then so be it.


Guy, it seems to me that the few people that continue to make negative comments about your article, obviously have no life, and have never heard of the cliche, “kicking a dead horse”, in the meantime, those of us who appreciate you, eagerly await your next gem, thank you once again, and sorry you have to put up with morons.


Enough of this bickering.


Jimmy, are you trying to be Dr. Phil or what? MYOB.


No, Bryan, just trying to bring an end to the bickering and the childish behaviour.
It has all become quite boring by now, and other users will have to be considered.
That squabble should now be terminated, and we should get back to the real purpose of the article.
There is an excellent opportunity here to share details of free ebook sites.
Let’s get back to that, and leave the unpleasantness behind.


I agree, were cool, talk at ya later, good night, or morning, whatever it is, as it is 2:16 am here.


Sorry,Bryan, very early in the morning here.
I should have said about sharing details of similar websites.


The Gent’s Cheat Sheet ( is new but pretty good.

Jayson Gaddis

This list is missing 4 critical Man sites: Personal Development for Men Relationship coaching for Men Host of the New Man Podcast For men in their 20’s.