6 Fun Websites To Waste Time On

wasteHead   6 Fun Websites To Waste Time OnI spend a lot of fricking time on the Internet. So sometimes I want to kick back and enjoy myself online. You know, like I did 10 years ago before the Internet was a real source of income for me.

I wanted to share with you what I waste my time with online. I will show you my favorite video site, my favorite way to find new, fun websites and most importantly where I go to play some online games as well as  a few others for good measure.

So let’s start with College Humor. They offer so much stuff that will make you laugh it is almost unreal! I usually head over here when I want to see a funny video or something to snap me out of a funk but they also have awesome pictures, articles and links to popular other sites on the net. If you have never been here before it is definitely worth a visit.

Waste1   6 Fun Websites To Waste Time On

Along the same lines but geared toward mens magazine’s content is Maxim Online. They often have links to CollegeHumor’s videos but this is where I come for some funny jokes and ridiculously smoking women. The site can be construed by some people as not funny or going too far so be forewarned that the content is probably NSFW and could be offensive to some. But that just means better content to my dirty ears ;)

waste8   6 Fun Websites To Waste Time On

This fun website is chock full of fun but if you are looking for the jokes here is where you will find them:

waste9   6 Fun Websites To Waste Time On

Next up is my favorite web comic, XKCD, which has lots of old archives to waste time on.

waste2   6 Fun Websites To Waste Time On

XKCD is a scientific comic strip posted 3 times a week. I love this. It tickles my geeky funny bone like you can’t even imagine! You can sit for hours going through the archives! Just like the selection above is really only for men this one is really only for geeks!

Enjoy and let us know what your favorite fun website is!

I can lose myself for hours in StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a website that randomly chooses sites to show you depending on your interests and preferences. There are hundreds of categories as well as adult and non-adult content and I can change my preferences depending on what I am looking for.  You can join StumbleUpon and grab a toolbar or just take it for a trial run in your browser via Stumbleupon.

waste3   6 Fun Websites To Waste Time On

After you make your selections you can click on various buttons on the toolbar to narrow down what you are looking for.

waste4   6 Fun Websites To Waste Time On

I love me some scrabble so I play games and dominate in Literati. The only place I can find it is at Yahoo Games.

waste6   6 Fun Websites To Waste Time On

They have loads of other games as well even though I am partial to word games.

waste5   6 Fun Websites To Waste Time On

I have also been known to lose a few hours to Google Image Labeler ““ but hey that’s just me right? The Google Image Labeler is a tool used by The Google to help label images better and help search engine users to find what they are looking for. But in the interim it is insanely addicting.

You are shown a  image and assigned a partner. You are told what words you cannot say and they you try to match a word with the person on the other end ““ it is much more fun than it sounds! I swear. And when you get a horrible partner you can make fun of them via tags like wacko, what did you say or plain old WHAT?

waste7   6 Fun Websites To Waste Time On

What fun websites do you use to waste time online? Why don’t you share your favorite time wasters and maybe I can find a few hours to kill?

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what about http://www.stickpage.com i waste plenty of valuable time there


StumbleUpon is a worth your time to spend all day on :D


explosions and boobs is also a legendary time waster


Two of my favorite sites:

Games to help computers learn: http://www.gwap.com

Social networking/geek news aggregate: http://www.jimmyr.com


I love stumbleupon, it gets me cool sites.
I also use similarsites.com with stumble, whenever I get a cool site I can find some other sites that are similar to it.

Meryl K Evans

Love starting my day with failblog.org/, oddee.com

Marwan Zaki

whenever i have time to spare i go to i-am-bored.com/

the address says it all :)


check out cracked.com from the folks at Mad magazine.It’s funny, sometimes shocking but always interesting. Some of their writers are so witty and sarcastic that I find myself not even caring what they’re talking about!


two favorites, thisisphotobomb.com and awkwardfamilyphotos.com, both are real time killers