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If you’re not on the Obama Presidential Inauguration invitation list, you might want to download an iPhone and Google Play app named Inaugural 2013, that will give you a front row seat to a built-in live stream of the ceremonial swearing-in event.

Inaugural 2013 is a free app providing the schedule of events, videos, photos, and other information about the 57th Presidential Inauguration of US president, Barack Obama. The app covers the inaugural events starting January 19, and concludes with live stream coverage of the presidential swearing-in on Monday, January 21st.

The app’s existing content includes a countdown to the major scheduled events; daily blog posts (starting from December 18) that cover what communities from around the nation have done to contribute to a national day of service to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.—an inaugural tradition that President Obama and his family called for in the 2009 inauguration. This part of the app also includes mapped links to related local events, parades, ceremonies, and volunteer efforts in different communities and cities across the country.

The app also includes more than a dozen linked videos which cover events and subjects such as Obama’s first inauguration, presentations by Michelle Obama and Gen. Colin Powell, and behind-the-scene preparations for the inauguration. There are also video presentations about


Inaugural 2013 is also a companion app to the online inauguration weekend website, You can provide your mobile phone number to the app and the site, and in return receive updated text messages about the forthcoming inauguration.

Source: Mashable

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