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typewriterWriting and more specifically freelance writing is a tough gig. I should know. The stress of deadlines, taxes, the unsteady income and losing a huge regular job resulting in even more worrying about bills, taxes and commitments can wear a freelancer down.

Sometimes, all I want to do is relax when I’m taking a break. One of the best ways, I find, to take a break while I’m writing is to entertain myself with one of my favourite freelancing shows, podcasts or cartoons. Yes, they exist. The guys at these freelance writing websites have turned their freelancing experiences into freelance gigs.

Freelance Freedom

freelance freedom

This is a cartoon by N.C. Winters that I positively love. It’s published weekly on the homepage of FreelanceSwitch. Basically, it takes all the good, the bad, the misconceptions and daily grinding tasks of freelancing and rolls them into funny, often satirical comic strips. Perfect for a quick coffee break!

Hot For Words


hotforwordsThis popular video podcast should not only interest writers but the nerdy and fact obsessed. Basically, it informs us of the origins of strange words which we may or may not use in the future. For example, did you know that clinophobia is a fear of going to bed?

The podcast is presented by an attractive, often scantily clad woman (maybe that’s why it’s so popular) who guides us through loads of cool words. This is a quick five minute break filler that makes you laugh, raise an eyebrow or just go “hmmm…”.

I Should Be Writing

This freelance writing website is a podcast The 3 Best Programs for Subscribing to Podcasts The 3 Best Programs for Subscribing to Podcasts Read More presented by Mur Lafferty, a freelance writer. This is in audio format and gives the listener practical yet entertaining advice and insight into the world of freelancing and its many pitfalls.

The podcasts covers many different areas from the basics such as writing query letters to managing finances and organizing your workday to reach optimum levels for output. All in all, this is a good podcast if you have a while to spend listening to the musings of a seasoned veteran.

Write or Die

Write or die

While this is considered a motivational tool to get writers writing, I think it’s a funny freelance writing website, and has loads of other uses such as beating your WPM record or just joking around.

Basically, it’s a word processor that times you when you write and keeps track of what you’re doing. If you slow down or stop writing for a while (i.e. you lay back and start spinning on your office chair, admiring the ceiling, etc) it will go red and redder  until some crazy, funky music starts playing and it tells you to get your fingers back on them keys! An easy to use, fun and perhaps even useful app for the procrastinating writer.

I hope that in some small, most likely insignificant way, I have cheered up a fellow freelancer somewhere who has just lost a contract, missed a deadline or is simply bored in their office waiting for an e-mail to come in and for the ball to start rolling after the weekend slump.

Warning: I take no responsibility for time wasted or deadlines missed due to your enjoyment of the above cartoon, app and podcasts!

What sites and apps do you look at on a regular basis in your freelancing breaks?

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