The 3 Best NFO File Readers To Open Those NFO Documents

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nfo1An NFO file is a ReadMe on crack – it includes all the basic information about the downloaded movie, game or application, often with a nice ASCII text art finish.

Most people out there have already discovered that these files can be opened by Notepad or another text processing application. This ‘works’ in the most basic sense of the word, but it’s clumsy and pretty ugly – you’re missing out on a lot of the fun.

To really use NFO files to their full extent you’ll need an NFO File Reader or Viewer – an application specifically designed to deal with these files. Today we’ll take a look at three of the best free NFO File Readers (and one creator) on the software market.

ACiDView 6

ACiDView is currently one of – and in my personal opinion, the best NFO file reader out there. This free application is actually an all-around image viewer, with support for JPEG, GIF, and other popular image formats. It might not be the best image viewer you’ll encounter, but as an NFO viewer it easily beats its competitors because of all the extra functionalities.

Perhaps one of the most useful features is the browsing sidebar, which allows you to quickly select your NFO and other files. I’ve tried out several other NFO viewers in my technological past, and this is a feature you’ll start to miss fast.

nfo file reader

You can also autoscroll the NFO files, view them fullscreen, and change the resolution and basic formatting options such as font type and colour palette.

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For the real freaks, ACIDView can stream an NFO file to simulate the desired speed of a certain modem connection and slow down the animation accordingly.


DAMN NFO Viewer makes a good second to ACiDViewer. It’s not as graphically oriented as other applications, but instead more like a text viewer with ASCII support. As such, it’s got a tighter letter spacing and a reversed (or actually, ‘normal’ colour palette). This makes it a lot better for reading, but less ‘fun’ and good-looking for the ASCII (fear not, this can be fixed).

how to open nfo files

DAMN NFO Viewer supports NFO-, DIZ- and TXT files. It’s the basic package, without too much extra stuff – just read your NFO’s and optionally tweak your formatting a little bit.


Last but not least is NFOlux. This tiny application will both let you view or create NFO files. Although the viewer doesn’t stand up to big guys like ACIDViewer, it’s extremely rare and useful to have an NFO reader and creator in one – to my knowlege, this is the only application that does this.

damn nfo viewer

The special features are to be found in the creation section. There’s an ‘auto generator’ that’ll create an NFO for you, based on some basic release information, with a Movie- and an Application template included. Custom characters can be added with the integrated characters palette and the click of a button.

NFOlux won’t do anything special in the reading department, but offers a few unique functions for creating NFOs – it’s the combination of these two applications that makes NFOlux a winning formula.

What NFO file reader application do you use? Something fancy, or haven’t you been able to leave Notepad yet? Let us and your fellow MakeUseOf readers know in the comments section below – we’d love to hear how do you open nfo files!

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I have been using NFOpad for awhile now. You can get it here. I originally saw it here when it was posted on LH



i just use Notepad++ to open my nfos. :)



standard notepad is more than enough.

antonio brandao

is more than enough, to read only. but if you start using one of these progs (I use DamnNFO) you will not want to go back. The ASCII art is properly displayed!! it makes wuite a difference.

As a NFO reader-only person, I choose DamnNFO, I don’t need the sidebar and I don’t publish NFOs.

I’ve used both simple notepad for a long time and DamnNFO, and today I use and recommend DamnNFO for readers.



I use GetDiz, it looks good and simple



I was just to dl one of these, then i saw that you could use notepad++, did not think of that, now im just using that, thx for the tip jollyrogue.



Huh, I discovered Damn a long time ago and it has never occurred to me that there are others out there. Though, now that I think of it, that was kind of ignorant of me. Hehe. There’s always another. Anyway, I think I’ll give that other a try even though I can see that it has nothing I really need. I can’t help myself.



IMHO, QuickNFO is still the best.



notepad++ and you good to go..



DIZzy. It’s portable, hence no installation necessary, takes up 9kb of space and is available here:



GetDiz is what i use & still the best IMHO.
You can’t beat Damn nfo for raw speed though.



just change the extension from .nfo to .txt and notepad works fine.



what is wrong with notepad++ and notepad :D



I open mine with Firefox, i wonder if there is a quality difference?


Thanks for the Firefox tip! I always used plain ol’ notepad.exe to view .nfo but the formatting was frustrating!

I just tried dragging the file over to Chrome and I’m happy to report that it displays the .nfo properly! MUCH MUCH better with formatting! I’m not sure why anyone would download another program, when, at least on Winboxes, you have a couple already built in. Now, if you were creating sweet .nfo’s then by all means, check out the above mentioned progs.


Simon Slangen

The question to ask with Notepad(++) and Firefox is not ‘if’ there is a quality difference, but rather ‘do you mind?’

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