The 13 Personality Types In Every Office

When people from all walks of life converge under one roof, you know funky things are bound to happen. They take on certain personalities in order to accommodate and survive. In a modern office workspace, apparently 13 common personality types emerge; from the passive aggressor to the email overloader. Have you noticed any of these personality types in your office? Better yet, which one are you?

office personalities   The 13 Personality Types In Every Office


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The use of the term “personality type” has fallen into disfavor with psychologists. It is impossible to categorize the wide diversity of human behavior into a few distinct “types.” A better, more accurate term, is “personality traits,” to express the habitual pattern of behaviors.

Don Stott

And then there are those who habitually correct perceived flaws in other’s every thought.



Naval G

Unable to see the image.

Richard M

Oops! I think I am more than one of these!


It’s “censor”, not “sensor”.

On W

We’ve got a couple of workaholics and a delegator in the office. I myself is a passive aggressor.

Bob M.

Sensor? Perhaps you mean “Censor”

Ghulam Mustafa

It is difficult to say which one I am ………….but I think passive aggressor is close.

Fran D

Aren’t there any ‘helpful’ personality types? Must be or we’d never get any work done.


My biggest pet-peeve … the person who takes credit for the work you have done.