The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

bestphotoblog12   The 10 Most Stunning Photo BlogsPhoto blogs are a secret passion of mine. Every now and then I spend hours clicking through impressions of someone else’s life. Browsing photos is a way to relax and get a glimpse into different worlds. A free vacation for the mind.

So let me take you on a short trip and know that it was very difficult to select only 10 destinations for your mind. I will start with those blogs I’ve been following for years and will go down to those I have discovered only recently.

[daily dose of imagery]

bestphotoblog01   The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

What makes it so stunning?

[daily dose of imagery] has been around since July 4th 2003, featuring one photo on each and every day ever since. The photographer lives and works in Toronto. The city and its surroundings are the subject of most of his photographs, but he also shares the views from his travels. The blog has won several awards and not only is almost every photo stunningly beautiful, but almost all shots also show an interesting perspective, a unique technique or skillful photo editing.


bestphotoblog02   The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

What makes it so stunning?

Incredible pictures from all kinds of objects, landscapes, cities, materials or people, and always catching special moments or perspectives. Sometimes the subject is abstract, sometimes clear and always simply beautiful.

c h r o m a s i a

bestphotoblog04   The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

What makes it so stunning?

It’s the variety of subjects combined with the soothing effect the pictures have on me. The pictures are rich in expressions with carefully composed contrasts and colors. A pleasure to the eyes.

Daily Walks

bestphotoblog05   The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

What makes it so stunning?

The idea of all the beautiful things that are out there. There is so much to discover on something as simple as a walk around your own neighborhood – every single day. And the pictures reveal skill. The skill in spotting and catching these wonderful moments and of course editing them to reveal their full beauty.

Deceptive Media

bestphotoblog06   The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

What makes it so stunning?

The perspective. Not always, but often pictures on this blog are of textures or patterns or very tiny sections of something bigger. The pictures are often puzzling and don’t always reveal the subject. Then sometimes they are surprisingly clear and you wonder whether there is a riddle hidden in the pixels.


bestphotoblog07   The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

What makes it so stunning?

Before and after versions of edited photos. These photos reveal a lot about what is possible with today’s technology. Photos that looked dull and ordinary before, have become amazingly sharp and stunning pieces of art.

these fleeting moments

bestphotoblog08   The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

What makes it so stunning?

Photos like memories. Dreamily, romantic, elapsed. Floating and fleeting.

Roumi Photos

bestphotoblog09   The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

What makes it so stunning?

Like in the previous blog, it’s the mood of the photos that makes this blog so special. It reminds me of old science fiction movies. The future and yet the past. But the blog has mood swings and so it never gets boring.


bestphotoblog11   The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

What makes it so stunning?

The scenery, the light, the atmosphere. Carefully composed photos of calendar quality, adorable colors, wonderful contrasts, interesting light and perfect post processing.

Montreal Photo – J.R. Photoblog

bestphotoblog10   The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs

What makes it so stunning?

Life and all of the above. There are pictures that are so real and so alive that they almost jump straight in your face. And then there are the blurry and antique ones, the carefully composed scene, the professional photos of landscapes and much more.

This list can never be complete. Please share your own favorites with us!

Picture credits: ilco

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The Shady

WHat about the Big Picture?


Tina, thank you very much for your report .. i feel honored.


the link to the last blog “Montreal Photo – J.R. Photoblog” just opens an image on the MUO server. Needs fixing to link to the actual blog.

Mark O’Neill

Thanks for letting us know. The link has been fixed now. :-)


Yes, thank you md! And thanks Mark!

dgsinclair would be my top pick


how about


Great post featuring some great photo blogs – I stopped to comment for the same reason as Agnes – if you haven’t already, you should check out – my favorite.

Diane – Daily Walks

Hi Tina…… I just received an email to let me know about your article. Thank you VERY much for the kind words and reference to my website today. It is most appreciated!


Thanks for the mention Tina, appreciated.


I agree with The Shady. The Big Picture is one of my favorite photo blogs.


Tina, thank you very much for the reference. It’ highly appreciated!

photoshoots register and upload your own photos daily…


Not a blog, but I love:

Big Picture also rules!!

paul foraker

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Andreas Climent

Good list!

If you enjoy fashion photography, take a look at


I cant beleive you didnt post the BIG PICTURE BOSTON


Good collection

Mark Grabowski

Great article. Until the economy comes back, we will take virtual vacations here.

jainuddin sinaga

thanks banget..

Mr.Jade Cadelina

Love your photo collection. Thank you.. :)


Thank you so much for the mention. I really appreciate.



Good list, really good photoblogs, some of them I already follow! :) Another good one I’d recommend is Xavier’s photoblog, he takes some pretty cool photos! :)


What’s so stunning?

David Nightingale

Thanks for the mention, it’s much appreciated :)


Thanks a lot for the mention !


Tina : Thanks for post and the links, infact most of them are part of my blogroll. Thanks to your post I can add a few more to that list from this “Stunning blogs”.


With certain notable exceptions it amazes me how some of these blogs continue to appear in the top 10. has a lot to answer for. I just feel sorry for the more deserving blogs which unfortunately due to the quirks of blog ranking will never receive the recognition they deserve.


awesome stuff:D

tom greenwood

I just signed up for makeusof and found your 10 stunning photos post. wonderful. then i discovered your were all going to die some day display. i love your mind and your talent.

tom greenwood

i love your mind and your talent.


YOU ARE SO talented ….. I like it …


sureny not one of the bests but i hope you enjoy!


I love that Chromasia Parachute Kite shot******* ;)) Peace*


Just thought it really strange that no one mentioned WEBSHOTS..guess its because not everyone who posts has won an award. Myself included! Smile or laugh..which ever.

Herbert D Wolkman

A very well composed list. There’s alot o amazing photblogs available these days. I would like to contribute with my tree favourites at the moment.


Best regards,


I like this photo blog


Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo


thanx for email and bost .

Dave Brown

Great list, I think anytime you can look at someones life through pictures you get a more complete idea of their character. I think that it’s also because in the end we are all prolly a little voyueristic.

Mayuresh Patil

Beautiful Photo blogs. All these guys have inspired me so much. Thanks for sharing.


Great list. I couldn’t agree more! To see these photoblogs and thousands more, please check out


Really useful compendium. I only knew one of them earlier.