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A bland email is just insufficient for heartfelt thank yous. What you need is an online thank you note that is visually appealing and unique. Here to offer you exactly that is a web service called Thankuz.

send thank you notes online

Thankuz is a free to use website that lets you send online thank you notes to friends. You start by signing up for an account and then modifying a preformed thank you according to your specifications. You can choose what the note is for and the theme for the note using the buttons below it.

send online thank you notes

You can also add an optional image to go with the note. The image needs to be less than 1MB in size. The note itself can be emailed to your friend or shared with them on Facebook or Twitter. Your thank you note is also published on a unique URL where visitors can view it and leave comments after signing.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you send online thank-you notes.
  • Offers various themes for the notes.
  • Lets you select note type.
  • You can add a photograph with the note.
  • Note is published on a unique URL.

Check out Thankuz @

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