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While there are many new collaboration tools out there, email still remains as the most used mechanism to communicate and collaborate with others. That’s the idea behind Tgethr. It is a simple email collaboration tool which lets you easily collaborate with a group of people on projects via email. You basically send and reply to emails. That’s it.

email collaboration tool

How it works:

  1. Setup your group by picking a group email address (ex: and enter email addresses of people who should be included
  2. Whenever you send a message to the group email address, everyone on the list automatically gets a copy
  3. You can attach photos, videos etc. All the messages and files are archived online.

Once you setup your account you can communicate with members either by posting messages from the website or by sending or replying to emails to your group email address. All the messages are archived online, in case you want to access them later.

Basic free account lets you create one group address, up to 5 users and 25 discussions per month. Paid accounts (starting from $6/month) let you have more groups, users and more.


  • Easy to use email collaboration tool.
  • Email to one address and reach everyone.
  • Attach photos, videos etc.
  • All the messages and files automatically archived online.
  • Free account is limited to 5 users and 25 discussions per month.
  • Paid account offer more groups, users, messages and secure email communication.

Check out Tgethr @

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