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There are many ways to send information like links, notes, etc from your computer to your smartphone. But if your phone is not a smartphone then things become a little bit difficult. Text This to Me is a Chrome extension that wants to make life easier in such situations. It installs a small blue phone icon on your Chrome extension bar and using that you could quickly text information to your phone.

It’s easy but the caveat is that the texting only works in the US and Canada for now so international users will have to wait.

send text message from browser

I think this extension will mainly come in handy when you need to send links to your phone, or maybe send links to someone else. You could text yourself or text that person directly by copy pasting that link to the extension box.


  • SMS links, notes etc to your phone directly from computer.
  • Only works in US and Canada.

Check out Text This to Me @


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