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textPlus is a new iPhone and iPod Touch app that provides a free alternative to your existing SMS plan. Using it you can send free text from your iPhone and iPod Touch. You can even text several friends all at once. textPlus also brings real group conversations to SMS. Everyone gets every message, just like an instant chat room. It uses Wi-Fi to send the message and the messages appear to come from GOGII (60611).

send free text from iphone

textPlus sends texts using real SMS messaging, so you can even chat with your friends who don’t have iPhones. You can invite your friends from your iPhone contacts or enter phone numbers manually. It also lets you write texts in landscape mode.

Feature overview :

  • Free texting from iphone and iPod Touch.
  • Send free text messages from iPhone to several friends at once.
  • Send unlimited number of texts at no cost.
  • Sends texts over wifi — no cell, edge or 3G required.
  • Real group conversation, hence everyone gets every message like an instant chat room.
  • You can chat with your friends who do not have an iPhone.
  • Lets you write text in landscape mode.

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