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Giving your images a unique look is the only way to catch a viewer’s attention. Numerous online tools exist that provide unique effects for your images. Adding to this list of tools is the brilliant web tool called Textify.

convert images to mosaic

Textify is a free and simple to use web service that converts and replaces the colors in your images with text characters. By overlapping these colored characters, the site recreates your image. The resulting image can then be saved and downloaded in the PNG image format.

Any image on your computer can be used as the source image. You can also choose for the final image to be black and white. Font style, font weight, and the characters used can also be specified by you. Moreover you can set the number of characters to use; this controls how dense your images are.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you turn images into mosaics of colored text characters.
  • You select the number of characters to use.
  • Lets you change font style and weight.
  • Lets you type the character set to be used.
  • Similar tools: Asciiart, ASCII-O-Matic, Text-Image, ASCIIPoster and PicASCII.

Check out Textify @


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