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TextFixer gives you a bunch of useful web tools to work with text and html code. If you ever need to run some basic operations on text i.e convert text to capitals, remove or convert line breaks to <p> or <br /> tags, remove line tabs and whitespaces, make all leters lowercase, sort text list in alphabetical order etc. then TextFixer is the website you need.

Text to Capitals, Remove Line Breaks & Whitespaces


  • Online tools to perform basic tasks on text and HTML code.
  • Text Tools: Remove line breaks, capitilize sentences (or make lowercase), put text in alphabetical order, remove whitespaces or tabs, make uppercase or lowercase etc.
  • HTML Tools: Convert Line Breaks to <p> <br />, Uncompress html, Javascript Pop-up Window Maker, html code for country dropdown boxes.
  • No sign up or registration needed.

When it comes to more advanced sorting options, hashing algorithms, and more functions to work with lines then try

Go to TextFixer @

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