Text to Voice: Firefox Extension Vocalizes Highlighted Words

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If English isn’t your first language – or even if it is – you’re bound to occasionally stumble upon a word you don’t know how to pronounce when browsing the web. When that happens, Firefox extension Text to Voice is a very good plugin to have around.

Simply highlight the text you want read out loud, click a single button and a new tab will open. In this new tab will be a simple media player playing back a voice version of the text you highlighted. Sure, the voice will be the standard computerized robot sounding thing, but you’ll at least get an idea of how the word is supposed to sound.

text to voice

The voice in the new tab is provided courtesy of Vozme, a free online text to voice service. The main benefit of using this extension instead of simply using Vozme directly is that you don’t need to copy or paste the text: you only need to highlight the text you want spoken out loud.

Best of all, you can download an MP3 of the reading. You could highlight an entire newspaper article and put it on your iPod to listen to later!

text to voice

  • Firefox plugin connects to Vozme.com.
  • Have any text on any website read out loud by your computer in two clicks.
  • Download an MP3 of the text being read.
  • Similar tools: Howjsay and Odiogo.

Check out Text to Voice @ mozilla.org

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