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There are many webpages that we visit daily to read their content. However the numerous pictures, videos, and ads on these pages increase their loading time to an inconvenient value. Here to help is a friendly tool called Text Mode for Chrome.

block pictures on website

Text Mode is a free to use browser tool that comes an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. The aim of the extension is to simply present you with just the text on the webpage and nothing else. There are other tools that accomplish this also –  however their method involves just extracting the text. This method does not keep the layout or the text headings intact thereby creating a lot of confusion for the reader.

Thus instead of getting a more reader-friendly interface, the user ends up obtaining a reader-confusing interface. Text Mode, on the other, blocks images, video, and ads very intelligently. All you have to do is enable the tool by clicking its icon that is placed in the browser’s address bar; disabling is done via the same action. When enabled, the extension will only load the text of webpages.

As you can see from the top and bottom images in this review, the object frames are simply replaced by diagonal lines and the textual headings are kept intact. This enables you to completely understand which text is going where. Having such a view of the websites you browse ensures that pages load up faster and that bright colors do not distract you from the reading experience.

text mode for chrome



  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you get only text from the webpages you are browsing.
  • Speeds up page loading times.
  • Offers a more reader friendly browsing experience.
  • Similar: Mobtimizer, IYHY, BareSite and Finch.

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