Text Anim: Easily Create Animated Texts

Textanim is a tool to quickly and easily create animated texts. It has a simple interface and also offers many texture options. You first need to enter the text which you plan to animate and then select the font type. There are a huge number of font types available which you can select directly from the preview option. Then you can decide the background color, font size movement and the texture. And finally you can download the ready GIF image which is created from that combination.

text anim1   Text Anim: Easily Create Animated Texts

Like in the screenshot below, we created a GIF image of ‘ Make Use Of ‘ using the Showtime font.

text anim image   Text Anim: Easily Create Animated Texts

Check out Textanim @ www.textanim.com

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Oh sounds really nice this little tool that i will use for myspace.
Hope, new textures will come soon.
thanks for news.Always the best makeuseof…