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TestFreaks is an excellent cross-check review website for gadget freaks. It aggregates both expert and amateur reviews from all over the web (both from US and non-US websites) and nicely presents them in an easy-to-digest manner. There are thousands of gadgets here, including MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, HiFi speakers, keyboards, headsets, memory cards and so on. For each you can see a quick overview, manufacturer description, product specs, expert and user reviews, related forum threads, image gallery, video gallery and more.

I know we have mentioned a number of cool gadget review sites before, these are ExpoTV (video reviews), Swotti (quick opinions), and ReviewGist but so far TestFreaks is my favorite. Not only does it combine the features offered by other websites but also does this quite well so you won’t get overwhelmed. Definitely a website to bookmark. Some of the noteworthy features:

Product Profile:

Each gadget has a profile page. Here you can check out gadget images, video reviews, and rating scores (i.e. general user score, expert score, design, value for money, features, ease fo use, performance etc.) Check out the screenshot below.

TestFreaks - Gadget Reviews

Side-by-side Comparion:


That’s another handy feature. If you need to make up your mind between 2 or more items you can compare the gadgets side by side. Quite handy.

Consumer Reports

Price Comparison:

Finally there is a price comparison feature that lets you easily find the cheapest place where you can order the gadget.

Gadget Price Comparison

Check out TestFreaks @

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