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Geography involves more than just learning the names of nations, cities, & seas. It involves people.

[NO LONGER WORKS] Geosense capitalizes on this fact by letting people from all over the world have fun relating about the different places that we each call home.

This site allows you to play games to test your comprehension of geography, asking you to pinpoint positions of cities on maps of the world. 5 game options are available on the Geosense site, which allows you to pair up against an opponent or play alone.

If you pay attention as you play, you can learn from any mistakes you make. (Unless you are an idiot savant when it comes to geography, you are bound to make mistakes while playing.)

By making a habit of playing games on Geosense whenever you have spare time each day, you will gradually better understand the roles that each of our nations in a grander geopolitical drama, and you will flex your mental muscles so that you will avoid ever sounding like an ill-informed beauty pageant contestant.


How to Play

Getting started with the Geosense game is simple, especially if you opt to play against yourself. All you need to do is open the [NO LONGER WORKS] Geosense homepage, then sign in or play as a visitor. Once you enter, you’ll see a list of players who are either available, unavailable, or already playing. (Note: Many of these players may be teens who are using the Geosense entry page in order to bypass the network security systems of their schools or libraries, just to use the chat box beneath the game as a way to communicate with each other–thus, many of these players may list themselves as “unavailable”.)

If you are someone who thrives on competition, you’ll probably want to wait until an opponent pops up as available. However, in any case, you’ll probably want to practice using the game by opting to play alone a few times.

Before you begin, decide whether to play the game in one of five different modes:

  • 1.) as a world map
  • 2.) an advanced map (pretty much the same as a world map)
  • 3.) a Europe map
  • 4.) a US map. 

Lastly, there is a somewhat annoying mode to choose that is more a test of your verbal knowledge than your knowledge of geography: Scramble. 

In this mode, not only will you be challenged to pinpoint the location of cities & countries, but you will also need to guess the cities & countries as their names are printed only 1 random letter at a time each second. This may be fun for advanced players, but is certainly a little more complex than necessary for an absolute beginner.

The cool thing about playing Geosense is that the game evaluates your answers on the basis of their specificity. Once you submit your answer, the program will let you know how close or far from the true mark you are, and if you’re close you’ll receive more points. For example, instead of simply being asked where Boliva is, you’ll be asked where La Paz, Bolivia is. Two ways to play the game are to either brush up on your knowledge of geography beforehand, or to simply make educated guesses about where places should be found and find out whether you’re close. If you play the second way, you’ll want to pay attention when the game corrects your errors.

Quick Cheats

Of course, if you choose to play the first way and use study guides, great methods to learn geography are via Google Earth & MSN Encarta’s World Atlas.

Google Earth is especially simple to use, since it allows you to enter cities and countries into its search bar, then spins a 3D globe around to whisk you to your destination. Furthermore, Google Earth offers users a bundle of tweaks & goodies that make learning geography almost as exciting as watching a multimillion dollar summer blockbuster.

MSN Encarta’s World Atlas is a little more traditional than Google Earth. It’s basically a 2-dimensional interactive world map.  Nothing fancy. However, depending on your needs, it may be easier to use than a map with lots of extra bells & whistles. All you need to do is click on areas of interest in the map, then quickly zero in on the information you’re seeking.

What’s cool about all of these tools is that even if you’ve got a PhD in Geography, they can still be valuable tools to use. If you’re like most of us, however, Geosense can be a fun & non-threatening way to improve your intelligence.

If you’ve played Geosense, share your score with us & tell us how you like the game. Do you think it could be improved? Do you experience that it provides accurate answers? Do you know an easier way than already mentioned to learn geographical concepts? Give us your opinion; inquiring minds want to know!

Photo Credits: ooOJasonOoo, James Withers.

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