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speed ss Have you ever wondered how fast your connection really is? Is your Internet service provider really giving you that blazing speed you paid so much for? Well, I like to make sure I’m getting what I paid for, especially when it comes to my Internet. I need the lowest ping possible, so the frag total can be the highest possible.

MyConnection PC Lite is a nifty little piece of software (Windows only) that will measure your internet connection speed, so you will be informed of what you are really paying for.

So, let’s check Check My Internet Connection Speed

MyConnection PC Lite is a very simple software that only requires you to open up the software and click a button to get the testing going.

myconnection home

If you didn’t guess which button, it’s the one that says Run All Tests. This will start off your tests, and you will have a nice chart or graph to choose from while the testing is going on.

Graph Vs Classic View

The two views that you can pick from during the test are pretty cool. The first one I’m showing you is the graph version.


test internet connection speed

You can watch as your speed bounces up and down as the tests are run. This is a cool graph, but I must say that I prefer the classic view (maybe I’m just old school like that). I prefer it, because it shows you a comparison of speeds. This lets you know where you stand when it comes to Internet speed.

myconnection chart

I should be way higher on this chart based on what my monthly bill says, but the Internet service where I live isn’t the best.


Once the connection tests are finished, you are presented with a pie chart. This pie chart is color coded to let you know where your connection performed good or bad.

myconnection pie chart

As you can see, my application and capacity speeds are not doing to well, but my service quality is in the green. These pie slices are clickable, so we can investigate the areas that our connection performed poorly in. Once clicked, you will be taken back to the testing chart or graph. At the bottom of the graph, there is a link that says Explain further. Clicking this will take you to a page on Visualware’s website that gives you more information on the tests.


The explanation page has your results displayed nicely at the top of the screen.

myconnection results

The explanation page is one of the best features of the software. The reason for this is that below your results summary you get a very in-depth analysis of the tests that were run. The analysis starts off with an explanation of the tests that were run, then it goes through six different points that explain all of your results one by one.


MyConnection PC Lite is a great piece of software that makes it easy to measure your internet connection speed and actually understand all of the results. My connection came in a little slow. Should I call the cable company?

If the test shows that your connection is fine but you still feel that it’s slow then check out few tips on how to Increase the Speed of Your Internet Connection Increase the Speed of Your Internet Connection Increase the Speed of Your Internet Connection Read More .

Photo credit: Luciano Meirelles

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