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I have just recently discovered a useful all-in-one tool for testing your website, blog or webpage (or someone else’s) for just about anything you can imagine!

Test Everything

‘Test Everything’ incorporates over 100 (128 to be exact) of the useful website checkers and validators, throughout 8 different categories, all in one spot!

You will find CSS & HTML validators, SEO Tools, Web Proxies, Network Tools, Image Tools, Text tools, a host of really cool Miscellaneous Tools, and you can easily check your site’s popularity on Social Bookmarking sites as well.


Want to test your design in different browsers? 18 of them are supported. Curious about your site’s loading time? You can check that here, too, along with several other SEO tools.



And while you’re at it, you can also fill in some info about your site or yourself at, get a Site Report, and see what insight McAfee Site Advisor might have to offer. There are even a few “fun tools”, like FakeNameGenerator and Destroy the Web! ( This is hilarious, by the way. You can see everything from tomatoes splatting all over your site, to ants crawling on it, helping you edit, to cows and dogs “doing their business” on your fine work!

You can even stage a “demonstration” with people walking across your site holding protest signs made up of copy from your site!


All in all, you can take advantage of 128 dynamite tools and services, but if you know of some more which you think should be there but aren’t, there is a “Suggest a Service” feature, as well.

I tried many of the 128, and everything I tried worked fine. The only “negative” I found was that I could not get the “Bookmarklet” feature to cooperate, so I just installed a shortcut to my desktop instead.

I whole-heartedly recommend you check out Test Everything. It is truly a comprehensive and incredible tool!

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