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yahoo-logo.gif Poor Yahoo. Once the unassailable giant of the internet that could do no wrong, it has been constantly overshadowed by the big kid on the block (you know who it is, starts with a G, ends in an E…..). Once I thought Yahoo Mail and I would live together for ever and produce lots of healthy email but then Gmail stole my heart away…..

But all is not lost for Yahoo. People love to put them down but I still love them and they are still a mighty force to be reckoned with. Here’s why:


delicious-logo.gif In my humble opinion, is probably the best thing that Yahoo owns. As well as having a cool website name, it is also the number one place on the internet for storing bookmarks.

(2) Flickr

flickr-logo.gif One of the best business decisions Yahoo ever made was buying Flickr. I use Flickr extensively for backing up my photo collection (with the use of private encrypted albums) and if you are ever looking for a photo, Flickr is the place to go. Whenever I come back from holiday, I surf Flickr to see where I’ve just been and re-live the memories….


(3) Yahoo Answers

yahoo-answers-logo.gif Do you know a lot about a subject? Do you like to show off your knowledge? Do you have a degree from the University of Life and the School of Hard Knocks? Share your knowledge on Yahoo Answers and get a thrill out of helping someone. Some queries are downright daft but some others are heart-rendering. One person some time back asked how to break the news to her mother that she had been sexually assaulted by her father.

(4) Yahoo Messenger / Chat

yahoo-messenger-logo.gif Before there was Google Talk, there was Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Chat holds a special place for me as that was where I met my girlfriend seven years ago (and we’re still together).
I would steer clear of the chat rooms these days but I still use Messenger as it is one of the best chat programs out there today (right up there with ICQ).

(5) Yahoo Games

yahoo-games-logo.gif One of my guilty pleasures. If I want to while away a rainy afternoon, I will hang out in a dark shadowy online Yahoo games room playing canasta or blackjack with a professional player claiming to be a total beginner. If card games are not your thing baby then there’s lots of board games and role-playing games. My only complaint is that Yahoo Games gets a little hinky on Mozilla Firefox which makes me think Yahoo Games is secretly in love with Mr Internet Explorer from Redmond, Washington state.

(6) Yahoo Geocities

yahoo-geocities-logo.gif Aaahh….nostalgia! Long before I had my proper website, I had webpages on the free Yahoo Geocities. With its easy-to-understand PageBuilder, Geocities helped me to learn a lot about creating webpages. Again, only one complaint – Geocities absolutely detests javascript – many a classic webpage broke down because I added a line of javascript. Geocities also doesn’t support FTP so if you’re serious about your webspace, I’d suggest you do what I did and upgrade to a proper website.

(7) Yahoo Greetings greetings-yahoo.jpg

yahoo-greetings-logo.gif Despite it being over-run by an American Greetings premium service, Yahoo Greetings still has free offerings for all occasions. Send an e-card for someone’s birthday or just send an e-card to show you care. The free offerings ARE a little sparse though, compared to the past. If you have a Yahoo email account, you can search your email address book inside Yahoo Greetings to find the person you want to send the e-card to.

(8) Yahoo Movies

yahoo-movies-logo.gif I normally look at the Internet Movie Database to read up on movies but Yahoo Movies is still worth a look, even just to get a second opinion. As well as reading news and gossip, you can also check the showtimes for your area, look at the box office charts to see what’s good at the moment, write movie reviews and watch movie trailers.

(9) My Yahoo

my-yahoo-logo.gif Before I was lured away by Google Reader, My Yahoo was the first page I saw when I opened my internet browser in the morning. I would then read the Garfield strip and check the news headlines. Makes for an excellent browser start page as you can also configure My Yahoo to notify you of new Yahoo mail and when Messenger contacts come online.

(10) Yahoo Widgets

yahoo-widgets-logo.gif Does your desktop look boring? Yahoo Widgets can spruce it up with a few widgets sprinkled here and there. Have a constantly updating weather report sit on your desktop, or an eBay feedback checker. Maybe a framed photo of your children? The widget directory probably has whatever you need.

Do you know of any other Yahoo services that make you go Yaaahhhooooo?!!!! Tell us in the comments.

Disclaimer: All of logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.

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