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Television Tunes is a massive source for theme songs to your favorite TV shows and movies. Friends, 24, CSI, One Tree Hill …. it’s all here. All of the theme songs are in MP3 format and can be freely downloaded to your computer (no registration is necessary).

TelevisionTunes - Free Theme Songs from TV Shows


  • Browse tunes by movie or show name. Over 4300 tunes (and growing).
  • Download and save tunes as MP3 files or just listen to them online.
  • Email favorites to friends.
  • ‘Name That Song’ game: Fun game to test your TV knowledge.
  • Follow-up on latest theme song additions via RSS feed.
  • Contribute by recommending missing tunes.
  • Note: All TT theme songs and clips are copyrighted by their licensors and are intended for educational and personal listening only.

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