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Windows Phone users have their share of excellent productivity apps. But only a handful offer the depth that makes Windows Phones worthy tools for productivity. Fortunately, we have Telerik Tasks, a full-featured Windows Phone app to help you organize your personal chaos into actionable and contextual to-do lists that can also become your quick GTD companion.

to do list for windows phone 7

Telerik Tasks adds a lot of bells and whistles standard in a fully-functional to-do list. Add projects to get a big-picture view of your task, then organize your tasks into time-based agenda. You can sort out tasks into different categories, which is handy if you want to create contexts of tasks ala-GTD.

Telerik Tasks also minimizes fiddling with your phone by letting you add ideas with audio recording. And if a meeting is postponed, you can easily move the tasks to another day and move on to the next.

Although it is not made specifically for GTD, the addition of categories and integration with contacts and pinned tasks makes it an awesome task automator. You are always reminded of important tasks while linking you directly to your contacts for quick action.

telerik tasks


Telerik Tasks is a nice app for GTD fanatics that also happen to be Windows Phone users. It is the best to-do app across Windows Phone so far.


  • Add project and agendas to taskings.
  • Tag items and sort priorities.
  • Attach contact and dates to your to-do items.
  • Can be used to follow GTD.
  • Record audio notes.
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