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TelePixie is a handy service and companion for your mobile. It lets you quickly schedule FREE (but ad-supported) wake up phone calls, reminders, weather forecast calls, and more. (Note: TelePixie currently available only in US and Canada. More countries to be included in the near future)


TelePixie Features:

  • Reminder/wake-up calls – schedule one time wake up call or fixed calls on a daily basis
  • Weather Forecasts/Alerts calls
  • News Alerts- simply choose the keywords you want TelePixie to look for and it will search major news feeds for relevant headlines
  • Jokes – schedule Joke-Of-Day calls on a daily basis
  • Stock Alerts – choose the stock symbol you are interested in and provide High/Low triggers. As soon as stock goes beyond the given boundaries TelePixie’s FREE Stock Alert Call System will call you
  • and more …

Go to TelePixie (

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