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You can now delete any messages you have sent using Telegram. Which should be of use to anyone who has ever sent a message while drunk or otherwise not thinking clearly. This is just one of several new features Telegram has added with its latest update.

We have all done it. Whether it was an email, a text, a WhatsApp message or a Snapchat, I suspect everyone reading this has sent something to someone they have instantly regretted. These mistaken missives are usually irreversible How to Unsend Accidental Emails in Gmail How to Unsend Accidental Emails in Gmail Ever send an email and immediately wish that you didn't? Gmail has a feature that can save you when you forget to add that attachment. Read More , but Telegram is trying to change all that.

With the latest update (to v3.16), you can delete or unsend any messages within the first 48 hours. If the recipient hasn’t seen the message then you’re home and dry, and they’ll be none the wiser that you lost your marbles for a brief period.

Now, of course, the recipient may have already seen the offending message, in which case no amount of frantic deleting will suffice. But having the ability to unsend a message is still better than not having the ability to unsend a message. However limited its usefulness may be.

A Slew of Other New Features

Telegram has also added a slew of other new features:

  • A new Network Usage section shows you exactly how much data you’re consuming.
  • Shortened links mean you can now just write to connect.
  • Messages from one sender are now neatly grouped together for easier navigation.
  • The app now returns you to your previously scrolled position in a conversation.
  • A list of recently downloaded files makes sharing easier than ever.
  • Telegram now supports Gboard, Google’s keyboard for sending GIFs.

Telegram is already wildly successful, with more than 100 million people using it every month to send 15 billion messages. However, Telegram isn’t resting on its laurels Telegram Provides A Secure & Fast-Growing Alternative To WhatsApp Telegram Provides A Secure & Fast-Growing Alternative To WhatsApp Read More , and it’s useful features such as the ability to unsend messages that should mean it keeps growing.


Do you currently use Telegram? What do you think of the ability to unsend messages? Do you think you’ll be making use of this feature in the future? If you don’t currently use Telegram, will this prompt you to check it out? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. R. Kh.
    January 4, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    Yeeaaat, Telegram is so cool <3