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TED, the well-known organization devoted to “ideas worth spreading”, has launched a new educational initiative – TED-Ed, “lessons worth sharing”. Like TED, TED-Ed is devoted to spreading knowledge, this time to students in the form of animated lessons.

As the first part of the TED-Ed initiative, a new YouTube channel has been launched, which currently includes 12 videos about topics like nature, language and history. More videos will be added weekly, and the goal is to rapidly reach several hundred videos.

TED-Ed is built on collaboration between teachers and animators. Teachers can contribute their voices and knowledge, and the animators make the lesson come to life in an educational video. Anyone can nominate a teacher or an animator on the TED-Ed channel, or suggest a topic for a lesson.

TED-Ed’s YouTube channel is part of the YouTube EDU YouTube Launches YouTube For Schools, Features Safe & Educational Content Only [News] YouTube Launches YouTube For Schools, Features Safe & Educational Content Only [News] Do you remember your excitement as a student when the teacher rolled in that huge TV on a cart and announced that you were going to watch a movie? Those were usually the best and... Read More project, which provides educational videos on numerous different topics. In early April 2012, a new TED-Ed website will be also launched, including the videos and more learning tools.

What do you think of this new initiative?


Source: PR Newswire

  1. Ghar Ka Vaiday
    March 14, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    That's cool.

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