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Advertisement, the universally popular platform for inspirational talks, has been redesigned from the ground up for its increasing user base. The new responsive website makes it watchable on any screen size – smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The redesign project has been going on since last year, and TED has now unveiled the final result for everyone.  It should be revitalizing.


These five points should get your attention…

  1. A new video player gets the major share of the webpage. It also comes with the promise of uninterrupted HD TED Talks. Variable bit-rate streaming delivers the optimum video quality  depending on your connection speed. As you scroll down the page to read more information, a dockable mini version of the talk is displayed at the top of your screen so you can read and watch at the same time.
  2. Short on time and want to save them for later? Click the Watch Later icon — log in and save the videos for a convenient time. You can download the videos (with subtitles in different languages) with a choice of three quality settings, or just grab the MP3 version for easy listening.
  3. The interactivity built into the transcript is a really nice touch. Click on any sentence of the transcript and the video will jump to that precise point. Notice the underlined sentences which keeps pace with the video. The full-text of the trasnscript is instantly translatable in different languages, and is easily searchable.
  4. Some speakers (like Tim Berners Lee) also share recommended reading lists for those interested in diving deeper into a topic.
  5. TED Talks also gives you a social influence metric – you can share any talk and track how many people click on the link you shared. Keep score with the views you get credited for.

With the overhauled offerings, TED is going for a deeper experience. It’s not only about the speaker on the stage anymore but also about engagement on other fronts. Like the new look? Speak to us in the comments.

Source: The Next Web | Image Credit: Maurice Mikkers via Flickr

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