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Guess what? To my surprise today I discovered that big portion of our readers find their way to makeuseof from many different places other then blog search engines. So, I assumed that good portion of you may be unfamiliar with these wonderful tools and hence want to shortly introduce them here. I have choosen technorati since it’s first and my favourite blog search engine.

Blog search engines as name suggests search for info only among blogs and list results based on the posting times where newer posts appear higher. There are two common types of searches you can do; you can tell engine either to display recent blog posts that include your search term or display posts that have been tagged by your search term(check out tags for this post at the bottom).

According to technorati there are allmost 60 mil blogs on the web. While majority of them are inactive or personal there are thousands of frequently updated blogs which get more then 100.000 visitors per day (gizmodo, lifehacker etc). With technorati you can quickly search through these blogs for the newest info on your favourite subjects. It’s also a good way to discover popular blogs that write about something you may be interested about. You can even register and setup technorati to notify you whenever there is a post that contains or tagged with the term you specify. For instance, I get notified whenever someone mentions makeuseof or me in article.

There are really no better tools on the web to track what people on the web currently BUZZ about, from an index page of technorati you can for instantly check up on;

  • Most popular books (based on the number of links from blogs to books on Amazon from blogs in the last 48 hours)
  • Popular news (based on the number of links from blogs linking to particular news story in last 48 hours)
  • Popular videos (most linked and referred videos in last 48 hours)
  • Popular movies (based on the number of links from blogs to the movies on IMDB)


  • Most linked and referred blogs here
  • Most admired blogs here
  • or most popular search terms for the day

well, that should be enough to get you enthusiastic, just check it out there is a lot more to technorati

Some other blog search engines: Google Blog Search, Icerocket, Bloglines

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