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We’re reunited and it feels…okay. This week: backdoors guests are best! Infrequent guests knock your front door, which you’d otherwise never open. Good friends know to use the backdoor, and by this standard the NSA is apparently a very, very good friend to everyone. McAfee anti-virus is changing its name to stop being associated with John McAfee, the drug-crazed alleged killer who founded the company. They should also consider changing the software. Like, completely. Or just get rid of it. Forever. Also this week: the Cat In The Hat becomes public domain this year! Just kidding, nothing will ever become public domain ever again.

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Gaming News

We also talk about some of our predictions for 2014, which we will revisit at the end of the year to see who was right. We will also discuss some of the announcements from CES and which excited us the most.

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