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This week: Apple announces a thing that, while better than last year’s thing, isn’t quite as good as the thing people can imagine in their heads. Or, at least, the thing they could imagine with their heads if they had any imagination left at all, but unfortunately they’ve spent all of their down time staring at a thing, mindlessly flicking things into other things to destroy their thing structures. Oh, and reading those 140-character things about other things.

This week’s show is brought to you by Bitdefender’s Clueful for iOS. It is the world’s first and only way to really understand how iOS apps treat user’s privacy. Installed apps are easy to analyze for understanding of the privacy-associated concerns that may affect you.

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As an added bonus, we even have special advice to spammers. So if you’re a spammer, or want to become one, you’re going to want to hear this!

Of course, we also have plenty of stories sent in by our listeners, as well as comments and interactions with the chat room.


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