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This week: we’re talking with Joe and Ethan from Poppy3D, a Viewmaster-like device for the iPhone that turns your phone into a 3D camera. Check out their Kickstarter campaign to learn more about their device.

Also, the British government plans to block some of James’ favorite online content. Hear him rant, only to point out America is somehow worse because reasons. Biz Stone thinks people would pay to use Facebook, which makes sense because of all those people he persuaded to pay for Twitter. And Netflix, coming off a great quarter when it comes to online streaming, says it’s not going to stop offering DVDs in America anytime soon.

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This week’s episode is brought to you by BitDefender Anti-Theft, which acts like a safety net for lost or stolen mobile devices, by locating, wiping or locking them from prying eyes. It allows you to remotely control your mobile devices in case they go missing. It’s available for $19.95 per year for 1 device and $29.95 per year for 3 devices.

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After this segment, we sit down with Joe and Ethan, the creators of Poppy3D for a chat.


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As always we have plenty of feedback from our listeners, which can lead some very interesting topics of conversation.

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