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techophilia-technology-podcastThis week we sit down with Tyler Renelle, creator of motivational role-playing game HabitRPG. We’ll ask him which gamification system he used to motivate himself to create a gamification system. We highlight the best place to watch pandas online, right now. And a record number of people are using DuckDuckGo to avoid being spied on, but does it actually help?

Three longtime MakeUseOf contributors – James Bruce, Justin Pot and Justin Pot – have on over 70 different occasions sat down from three different time zones and discussed the week’s technology and gaming news. Well, we tried – we got distracted along the way arguing about everything from the proper way to pronounce the word aluminum to the practicality of weather balloons for Internet connectivity. It’s a good thing you kept us on track: fans provided stories on our Facebook page, and at least one fan made a dubstep remix of the show.

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After the news, we sit down and talk with Tyler Renelle about HabitRPG, his interesting tool designed to help you win at life through gamification.

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Abhijith R

is this like a reward program?


Kannon Yamada

I have a suggestion – can you include direct link to the MP3 of the show? It would help us download the audio without getting the video. I use an MP3 player to listen to the show.

Justin Pot

The audio version is at, but you’re right: we should be putting it here, along with the RSS feeds/iTunes.

Kannon Yamada

By the way, I’m not SpamBot63 or any other name. Dave P is up to his usual hijinks again! :-)


Johan von Lindeman

I started using it yesterday, LV 2 today, changing my life

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