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Trust is a tricky beast to tame. It’s difficult to gain it in the first place, and then one simple mistake can result in it disappearing, never to be found again. Companies need you to trust them in order to sell you their products or services. Some manage it better than others, and some manage it very badly indeed.

Have A Break, Have A KitKat

To answer this week’s question please scroll down the page until you see the poll staring back at you. But first, we need to look at the results from last week, when we asked, “What Version Of Android Are You Currently Using?

Out of a total of 625 votes, 62.2% chose KitKat, 22.2% chose Jelly Bean, 4.2% chose Ice Cream Sandwich, 6.7% chose Gingerbread, 2.6% chose Other, and 2.1% chose Android Sucks, So I Use…

We’re extremely pleased to see so many of you using the latest version of Android, barring the too-new-for-the-mainstream Android L (5.0) Your USB Charger Wants To Kill You, Download Android 5.0 Now, and More... [Tech News Digest] Your USB Charger Wants To Kill You, Download Android 5.0 Now, and More... [Tech News Digest] Also, the MPAA popularizes a resource for sharing movies, YouTube spoils content creators, Google Cardboard clones are now available, Uber offers weddings on demand, and Monty Python does a silly walk all over your smartphone. Read More . This suggests that either the MakeUseOf readership generally owns newish handsets, or that the problem of fragmentation isn’t as widespread as some naysayers will have us believe. Or it could be a little of both.


Comment Of The Week

We received a lot of great comments, including those from Vferg, Ben S, and Caroline W. Comment Of The Week goes to Michelle T, who won with this comment:


I love my Google, but hey I am Google girl. I have kit kat on my Nexus 7 and jelly bean on my old Moto Droid Razr (no HD).

I have had an iPhone and an iPad. I feel they are for the simple minded, Which I am not. Everyone in my house with the exception of my husband and dog (simple minded) use Android in one form or another and will continue as long as keeps doing what I want it to do.

We’ve already asked which mobile operating system the dog favors but, at the time of writing, we haven’t yet had a response. My guess is he uses an iBone. Badum-tish.

Misplaced Trust

Companies need you to trust them and will do anything they can to persuade you that they’re the good guys, especially compared to the opposition. Sadly, most companies have done at least one thing that has chipped away at their trustworthiness What's Fake Tech Support & Why You Shouldn't Trust Everything You See on Google What's Fake Tech Support & Why You Shouldn't Trust Everything You See on Google You’re sitting at home, minding your own business. Suddenly, the phone rings. You pick up, and it’s Microsoft (or Norton, or Dell, or …). Specifically, it’s a support engineer, and he’s concerned – concerned for... Read More .

We were originally going to ask which company you trusted the most, but we soon realized the majority of you would choose None Of The Above. So we turned the question on its head. It’s now not about who you trust the most, but about which company takes the booby prize where trust is concerned.

Please use the poll above to tell us which tech company you trust the least, and then take to the comments section below to tell us the reasons behind that inherent mistrust. Remember, there’s an awesome T-shirt in it for the person responsible for the coveted Comment Of The Week.

Image Credit: Lars Plougmann via Flickr

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