How Many Tech Books Do You Have? [MakeUseOf Poll]

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Last week we asked if Google+ had changed your stance on the Flickr versus Picasa debate. Overwhelmingly, MakeUseOf readers are planning to use Picasa (or Google Photos as it’s likely to be renamed).

We collected 467 votes, divided as follows: 55% will be using Picasa (Google Photos); 22% plan to use both Picasa and Flickr; 18% intend on using just Flickr; and 5% will be using neither service.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

So, most MakeUseOf readers will be using Picasa (Google Photos) either completely or in conjunction with Flickr.

This week’s poll question is: How Many Tech Books Do You Have?

Whether you have an ebook collection or a hard-copy collection, it’s likely that you’ve collected a few technical books along the way to learn the more important things about your chosen mode of tech. So, how many have you got?

Now that you’ve looked over your collection of tech books, have you found most of them are out of date? Which ones do you still refer to regularly? What was the best technical book investment you made? Let us know in the comments.

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You are missing the 50-99 choice for some reason.



New poll would be how may you’ve discarded. Add that to what I still have and the number is stupid. 



Count me in the 50-99 category, which doesn’t show up on the poll. -> Firefox 4.0.1 on Windows.


Jack Cola

Well, I would say 0, but sitting on my floor is Microsoft MS-DOS Operating System Version 5.0 User’s Guide and Reference, & a Microsoft Winodws 3.1 User Guide. Apart from those two, none.


Doug Jensen

As a computer science, and electrical engineering, researcher, I have about 500 hard copy tech books and about 20,000 tech books in .pdf form.

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