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multiple keyboards one computer I had a unusual request today from our editorial department. They were having a meeting and needed to allow “Collaborative Input” their words not mine. So after poking around and pulling some teeth I found out what they really needed. They wanted to be able to use two or more keyboards and mice on one shared screen.

We have a projector hooked up to one of our production machines and they wanted to have a “Meeting of the minds”. Allowing anyone to add to whatever they were doing. They wanted to have multiple exercises, one being a word document and another being Mspaint – think Brainstorming 2.0.

After the idea was fully explained to me I thought it was pretty cool. I hit Google and I hit Google hard. It didn’t hit back but I did find a bunch of solutions.

Of course as usual they all wanted my money! Still they were all geared towards people connecting from multiple computers to one session – like WebEx. This is not what I needed – it would work but, it would definitely be overkill.

I needed a very specific tool and I found it. It is called TeamPlayer availble from here. You load up this small application and install it.  A moment later you will see this:

I left the defaults checked (made sure my second keyboard and mouse was connected) and clicked Finish.


two keyboards on one pc

I loaded up Photoshop to document my experience and as you cansee on the photoshop window above there are two mouse pointers. A Red Arrow for mouse number two and a blue dot for the mouse I was actively using. Click the left mouse button to assert yourself and gain control. I know there has to be a game in here somewhere (Anyone??)…

There are no magic settings here as this application just works! It seems to have a small memory footprint and did not adversely effect my machine in any way. I am going to load this up for our brainstormers to try out.

two mouse pointers on one computer

Do you have a similar favorite tool? Does it offer more features like screen recording or other goodies? If so put us on in the comments!

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