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If you are too overwhelmed with to-do lists and other productivity apps and you want to focus instead on a few important things that matter, then Teamly is something you should try out. It aims to help you clear the clutter out of goals and to-dos by focusing on the top five priorities for the current day, week and the current month.

You can view all the current as well as future priorities in a simple, colorful dashboard. If you manage a team, you can add team members and assign priorities to them as well.

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Each priority can be marked as completed, abandoned, new or copied to the next period. Daily, weekly and monthly statistics can be viewed for the individual as well as the team.

Teamly is currently free during the beta period. In future they plan to charge $8 per user per month for multi-user accounts (single user accounts will remain free).



  • Focus on top 5 priorities for the day, week and month.
  • Filter priorities by date and change their status.
  • Add team members and assign them priorities.
  • View daily, weekly and monthly stats.
  • Many other features, like email integration coming soon.

Check out Teamly @

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