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Editing documents online is a feature that all of us need. Every now and then there are times when you are using somebody else’s computer and they do not have a PDF reader, a DOCX reader, or some other reading application that you need to open and view & edit your documents. This is where online document editors come into play and help you out. One of the latest web services in this category is the only such HTML5 tool so far called TeamLab.

document editor html5

TeamLab is the first online HTML5-based word processor that offers its users a lot of features and functions. The site is not only an online HTML5 based documents editor but it also offers a suite of project management tools and CRM solutions. In the document editors, you can add people to your teams for online collaboration and use the web interface to start creating your own documents. Simple or advanced formatted documents, along with spreadsheets and presentations, can be created from scratch. Existing documents from your machine that are sized less than 10 MB can be uploaded to your online account.


To quickly take a tour of the controls, you can open up the site’s sample documents that help in familiarizing you with the controls.


You can make changes to your document anytime you want and then download them conveniently in the following file formats: PDF, TXT, DOCX, DOC, ODT, RTF, HTML, and EPUB.

The site offers a basic free account that offers a 1 GB online storage limit but excludes the online editor. The premium packages of the site include more storage and features beginning from $20 per month. Before signing up and providing your credit card information, you can check out what the site has to offer with the 45 day trial account.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • An HTML5 based online document editor.
  • Can output files in PDF, TXT, DOCX, DOC, ODT, RTF, HTML, and EPUB formats.
  • Also offers online collaboration, project management tools, and CRM solutions.

Check out TeamLab @

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