Team-Maker: An Easy Random Team Generator

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Team-Maker is a simple and handy random team generator that lets you create teams quickly and easily. Creating diverse groups can be tedious and time-consuming, not to mention worrying about the problem of  bias or favouritism. This online tool solves these problems.

Team-Maker provides a range of options to choose from: decide on the number of groups, the names for your groups, and formats for the final group list. Simply cut and paste your team names into the Team Maker box, add team names, or even generate random names based on Animals, Birds of Prey, Cars, Dinosaurs, Elements, Greek Gods, Numbers, Sport Teams or Warriors.

Your final list can be viewed online, or exported as a Excel (CSV) file.  Although this seems to be an experimental tool, it is a real winner.

random team generator


  • Cut and paste a list of names into the online box.
  • Choose the team names to generate, or add your own.
  • Nine random groupings are available to choose from.
  • Decide the number of team groups you want.
  • View the results¬† immediately on screen, or in a new tab.
  • Export the list into an Excel (CSV) file for additional uses.
  • Works extremely fast.

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interesting tool but I just don’t see any practical use for it


Use it every day for my basketball class. Awesome tool


Can another feature be added? I would like to be able to rank my students according to ability and then have the team maker use those rankings to create teams


Breanna Johnson

Well if you need to randomly assign teams it is perfect. No bias!



would be nice to have the conditional random.
Like have a select random people from the list where gender is “M” and age > than 30.
stuff like that will make team more balanced.

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