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Mozilla is a non-profit and every non-profit needs its community. Mozilla Webmaker was launched two years back so that the community could use it to learn while tinkering with web technologies. Here’s an early walkthrough If You Never Learnt How To Code, Try Out Mozilla Webmaker For Learning & Fun If You Never Learnt How To Code, Try Out Mozilla Webmaker For Learning & Fun If you want to learn how the web really works, you have to know a bit about the technologies that make the magic. Web literacy is one of the skills that almost compulsory for the... Read More .

Webmaker Training is an offshoot in the form of a crash course that hopes to give anyone the skills to teach other people about using and building on the Web.

Webmaker Training is an initiative for spreading digital literacy. The free course started on May 12th and comprises of four modules with their own start dates. You can join any module in line with your interests or do them all. The courses cover the fundamentals of the open Web and the Webmaker tools; designing open learning materials; how to use the technologies to teach others, and finally how you can use the power of a community.

Mozilla Webmaker Training

Each module follows the best parts of blended learning with theory, hands on projects, extra learning resources, and community driven discussions. You can also join in at the scheduled live sessions on Hangouts or see them at your own pace later. Mentors from the Webmaker team will also be there for any help. Those who successfully complete the course can earn Webmaker Mentor badges. You can use it for peer recognition on social media and personal websites.

Join Mozilla Webmaker Training


The course is open and free for everyone. As Mozilla says, it could be of special interest for educators from schools, libraries, after-school programs, youth-serving organizations technologists and others who are passionate about learning, making, sharing their skills and advancing digital literacy.

Are you interested? Join in and sharpen your teaching skills while giving digital literacy a push.

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