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Whenever you run an application that connects to remote servers such as your browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox), FTP application or antivirus program, a series of TCP connections are opened through different ports by these applications. If you want to track which applications are opening connections, when, through which ports etc., check out TcpLogView.

It is a simple desktop tool that monitors all the opened TCP connections on your system and adds a new log line every time a TCP connection is opened or closed. It shows a bunch of information for every connection including event time, local address, remote address, process name (e.g. chrome.exe, filezilla.exe), process path and other more technical details like ports and process IDs.

It can also show remote country information but to enable it, you will have to download a separate IP-to-county file.

You don’t have to install it. Simply download it, unzip it and run the executable file (TcpLogView.exe) on your PC. To test it, open a webpage in your browser and it will start logging the open connections in its window. You can clear the Log by pressing Ctrl+X. To save the logs for later use, go to “View->HTML report” and your logs will be saved in a separate .html file.


It is available in multiple languages including Brazilian, Dutch, French, German, Greek and Romanian. To change the default language to any of these languages simply download the language file from their website and put it into the folder where you unzipped the program.


  • Monitors and logs open TCP connections on your system.
  • For Windows based PCs.
  • No installation required. Simply unzip and run.
  • Similar tools – Open Port Check Tool.

Check out TcpLogView @  (via Ghacks)

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