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windows alt tab replacementWhen you hit Alt-Tab on your Windows XP computer, you get a rinky dinky little box showing you your open tabs. Press Alt-Tab together now and you’ll see what I mean.

Now a graphical representation of your open programs is OK but a real screenshot or tab preview would be awesome.

How about being able to use your mouse to select open windows after hitting Alt-Tab?

You can achieve something like this with an app called TaskSwitchXP. Let’s take a look at this Windows alt tab replacement program for XP.

alt tab preview xp

TaskSwitchXP uses your Windows Style to make it fit into your theme nicely. By right clicking on a open item in the right pane you see you get a context menu. The context menu lets you do the same things you can from the task manager such as Switch to, Minimize, Minimize To Other Screen as well as Restore, Maximize, Close and my favorite, End Process.


windows alt tab

Below you can see the appearance tab from the configuration console. From here you can choose and customize exactly how your new turbo charged Alt Tab will display. You can choose where on the screen it should appear as well as drop shadow, transparency, fade animation. You can override the settings where it takes on the look and feel of your Windows theme here as well.

Under the preview tab there are even more customizable options for the look and feel of the previews for each open task.

alt tab preview xp

That would make your days of switching between 100’s of open programs a breeze (as long as you have enough memory right?).

This app will not bog down your system and it uses very little system resources and uses less than 1 MB memory!

Unlike the standard Windows switcher, TaskSwitchXP will render using your Windows XP Visual Styles. TaskSwitchXP also allows standard Windows XP shadow and transparency effects, fade animation and more.

So if you want to customize your Alt-Tab experience and optimize your productivity when working with multiple windows then you should check out the download available for free here.

This is a Windows only application and we would love to hear your feedback on how you like it or hate it. What do you think – does it compare to the Vista Alt-Tab/Aero effect? Or is it better? Are you aware of any other Windows Alt Tab replacement program?

Do you use something similar?

Well then what are you waiting for? Share it with us in the comments kiddies!

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