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In Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows taskbar, thumbnails let you preview contents of open windows (applications, folders) by hovering with your mouse over these open windows. If you use the thumbnails very frequently, check out Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner.

It is a free downloadable application for Windows 7 and 8 that lets you modify the size and other settings of taskbar thumbnails including number of thumbnails in a group, spacing (horizontal/vertical) between thumbnails, show delay and text position. You can even completely disable the thumbnails if you want. To adjust the settings of your taskbar thumbnails install the application on your Windows PC and try it out.

taskbar thumbnail tuner

See the Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner in action


  • Lets you adjust settings of Windows taskbar thumbnails
  • For Windows 7 and 8 only
  • Adjust margins (top,bottom, left, right)
  • Adjust thumbnails size
  • Adjust horizontal and vertical spacing between the thumbnails
  • Disable thumbnails
  • Free, download to try out

Download Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner @

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