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dooors appNo, I didn’t make a typo there in the title. The name of this iOS game is deliberately misspelt; probably because it is about many doors. You would think that opening doors is the simplest thing in the world, but that’s where this game begs to differ. Dooors is part of a genre called ‘room escape games’ (or alternatively, ‘escape the room’). I have played a few of those and here are the best 12 of room escape games The 10+ Best Online Escape the Room Games The 10+ Best Online Escape the Room Games Escape the Room games challenge you to find a way out of cramped spaces with limited resources. Here are some of the best titles to introduce you to the genre. Read More you can find to start off with.

Room escape games are basic puzzlers where the objective is to; well…escape from a locked room by solving some sort of a challenge. The solution is the unlock key. You can think of room escape games as a mish-mash of adventure games and puzzle games. Solutions are not immediately clear, and you really need to laterally think your way to the answer.

Dooors – Not For the Claustrophobic

Dooors is a free (but ad-supported) game that’s available for both iOS and Android. This review is for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later). You won’t find many reviews and testimonials on the iTunes but rest assured; it is a fairly popular game in the genre and a Google Search will bear it out. But be wary because I bumped into quite a few sites where people have posted solutions on how to escape each of the rooms.

dooors app

The very fact that people are taking to post solutions tells me that this puzzler is really going to shake my logic and lateral thinking skills. There are 75 stages or locked rooms and you the player have to break out of each using your brain as a lock pick. Lateral thinking is involved because the puzzles are not straight-up; you have to resort to intuitive actions like shaking or tilting the iPhone or the other devices. You have to think out of the box and be really familiar with the potential of your device.

For instance, some puzzles may require you to use the motion sensor in a specific manner or hold the phone at a specific angle. Intrigued? Let’s play a level to get started.


Dooors & the Strategic Use of Phone Features

dooors review

Like all games, the initial levels draw you in with fairly easy solutions. The head-scratching starts from the latter levels. For instance, the screen below is from Level 2. Here, as indicated, I just had to tilt the phone at a specific angel to make the red ball move and open the door. Easy as apple pie. Tapping on the open door takes me to the next level. The chime of the bell is neat.

dooors review

The screen below is from Level 3. Here, I just had to click on one of the clues (a key) and open the door to escape the room. Again, easy as a walk in the park.

dooors review

Now, here’s Level 6, which actually starts with a dark screen. You might start to wonder if your screen has had a blackout. Nopes! Flip the yellow light switch and get to solve this level. Now, hunt for the clue because it starts to get progressively difficult from here. I managed to solve it after 15 minutes, but won’t reveal the answer. (Hint: it’s about the lights)

dooors app

See You on The Outside

Dooors is one of the quietest games around, because probably you have to hear your brain think. But the sound effects and the graphics are neat and tidy. I haven’t graduated to the advanced levels yet, but a few screenshots I found on the web tell me that it is polished. The Japanese developer’s site will need Google Translate to work hard. Just dropping a clue here, but there are sites around with all the solutions to the puzzles. My advice: don’t even touch them until and unless you get really stuck and start feeling claustrophobic. There’s no fun in cheating.

Dooors is a fun and engaging puzzle game for the iPhone that’s sure to keep you occupied over the course of a short vacation. There’s nothing beyond the 75 stages of course, as there are no in-app purchases so far. But till then, unlock your brain by opening those doors. Dooors has been featured on our Best iPhone Games page for its simplicity and ability to kill your time. Do you agree? Tell us about your favorite ‘escape the room’ game.

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  1. Omar Hiweish
    February 6, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    I love this game, I play it on Android

  2. Geordie Lisbon
    February 5, 2013 at 10:08 am