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Many people send gift cards to their relatives and loved ones during the holiday season, so that they can buy whatever they want by redeeming that card. However, you may not know what the other person wants. What if you can send them a gift card which they can exchange for their favorite brand or retail store gift card?  It’s possible, thanks to a service known as Tango Card.


Tango Card is a useful online service that allows users to buy a Tango card and send it to the recipient via email. The recipient can then exchange the value of the card with one or multiple retailer gift cards (includes Amazon, Starbucks, Nike etc.), or redeem it for cash. They can even donate a specific amount of it to a non-profit organization as well.

The Tango Card mobile application is available for the iPhone and Android which allows users to redeem the card from their mobile.


  • More personal – allows receipent to buy what they want, not what others want them to have.
  • A list of brand names available to choose from.
  • Card can even be redeemed for cash if needed.
  • Donate unused amount to NPOs.
  • Apps available for iPhone and Android.
  • Similar tools: Giftly, CardnapCardHub Gift Card ExchangeSnoopf and CardPool.

Check out Tango Card @


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  1. Anonymous
    December 31, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    "More personal – allows receipent to buy what they want, not what others want them to have."
    I don't think that makes it more personal. I think by giving a gift that appeals to everyone, you just show that you don't know the person well enough to get them what they like, so you got them what everybody would like.