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Taltopia is an online community that connects aspiring artists (actors, models, comedians, dancers etc) with fans and entertainment industry professionals such as casting directors and media companies. Artists can promote themselves by posting their images and videos, apply to casting calls and auditions and enter sponsored contests to win prizes.

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User create profiles pages and upload their video and image efforts. The uploaded media is judged by site members through a Digg style Fame and Shame voting system. The best works have the chance to enter placement on Taltopia’s Wall Of Fame or even get featured on the homepage.

Artists can apply to casting calls or auditions within their local zip code and take part in contests sponsored by companies or site’s users. Site has it own currency called Famebucks, which can be earned through increased activity on the site or bought through Paypal, which is used by members to self promote or support other artists.


  • Online community that connects aspiring artists (actors, comedians, models etc) with their fans and entertainment industry professionals (casting directors, media companies).
  • The site has more than 100,000 registered members to this date.
  • Artists create profile pages, upload their own media efforts (pictures, videos) and are judged by the community by a digg style Fame and Shame voting system.
  • Artists can enter contests, get their works featured in the Hall of Fame or apply to local casting calls and audition within their zip codes.
  • The site is free, premium paid account with additional features is also available.

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