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Have you ever been stuck in a lengthy conversation with a business representative? Such situations make you wish that you could simply text businesses instead of having to call them. Here to make your wish come true is a service called TalkTo.

text message businesses

TalkTo is a user-friendly web service for desktop Internet and smartphone users. The service lets you connect with businesses over text messaging. You can either use the service’s web interface to send messages to businesses or you can use one of the Android and iOS smartphone applications offered by TalkTo. To send a message, you first locate the business on the site by specifying its name and city plus state; if the business is not found, TalkTo will contact them and get back to you.

The messages you send can be anything: you could be asking for information or you could be making a reservation. You no longer need to worry about the time of contact – simply send the message and wait for the timely response.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Also offers Android and iOS applications.
  • Lets you text businesses.
  • Helps easily make reservations and get information over text messaging.

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