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TalkShoe is an online service that allows anyone to create, host, join, or listen to live interactive talk shows and discussions. Create and schedule live multi-person conference talks, and invite interested people to join as participants or listeners.

Live Talk Shows and Conference Calls

TalkShoe Features

  • Create group podcasts with up-to 250 active participants and unlimited number of listeners.
  • Participants can join via telephone, Skype, or directly from the TalkShoe website.
  • Request-to talk queuing.
  • Who is talking indications.
  • Record live episodes and store them on Talkshoe.
  • Integrated chat room for live text messaging.
  • Use TalkShoe widget to embed podcasts to your blog or website (displays recorded, upcoming and live episodes).
  • Browse recorded shows by categories (News, Music, Business, Comedy) and type (live, recorded).
  • Explore more features and details here.

[Video] TalkShoe Virtual Tour

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