oCam: Takes Screenshots & Capture Screen Video (Windows)

Quickly record a video of what you’re doing on your computer, or take a precise screenshot. Free app oCam makes this process easy for Windows users, and is completely free. When you start up oCam you’ll see a green frame – the part of the screen you want to record – and a small menu – the controls for the software. The English is a little iffy at times, but don’t worry, this software works.

ocam controls   oCam: Takes Screenshots & Capture Screen Video (Windows)

Resize your box to cover as much or as little for the screen as you like using the squares on the corners and sides, then move the box to wherever you like. Hit “Record” if you want to make a video or “Capture” if you want a simple image screenshot. Find your videos or screenshots by clicking the “Open” button – you’ll be brought directly to the default folder for them (which you can optionally change in the settings)

ocam screen   oCam: Takes Screenshots & Capture Screen Video (Windows)

The screenshot functionality alone is much easier to use then the Windows default: you can select a region of the screen and save it directly, without the need for pasting into an image editor. The video function really makes this app stand out, though: if you want to demonstrate using Windows software this is among the best free tools out there for the job.

Note that, by default, oCam makes videos encoded using the Microsoft Video codec. If you’d prefer another format (you would) be sure to download additional codecs for oCam – the program will prompt you to do so.

  • Easy to use screenshot app for Windows with video capabilities.
  • Create a video of exactly what happens in a certain region of the screen.
  • Supports multiple video codecs, including Windows video and the optional Xvid, x264 and vp8.
  • Does not work in Metro, if you’re a Windows 8 user.
  • Similar: Talon, Screenpresso, LightShot, ScreenJelly.

Check out oCam @ OhSoft.net (via Addictive Tips).

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